Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Latin Beauty......GUILHERME

It's strange how when searching for a certain model you'll
suddenly come across another one that looks even more
spectacular than the one you were originally hunting down.
And that was certainly the case upon discovering this Latin beauty
by the name of Guilherme Ramalho.
He's a new face model with Way Models in Brazil, an Agency
that first set up business in 2007.
The images are by Michel Rodrigues.

More from that photo shoot can be seen HERE.



  1. Skinny little thing with a mop! What's not to like?

  2. Vera, The curly mop top reminded me of one of your favourites, Andrei Dobin.

  3. He would certainly stop ones model search! But did you ultimately find the one you were looking for? I wish you a richness in beautiful boys!

  4. Tom, I think I've forgotten who the model was... the one I was chasing. But I'm sure he'll
    turn up in my picture files. I think this happens a lot when looking around for that perfect
    model. In fact I quite often abandon what might have been my original post only to see someone
    even more spectacular, thereby creating a whole different new post as I did with the beautiful