Sunday, 21 May 2017

Catching Up With Jake!

Wondering what young London model Jake Leaf has recently
been up to, it was just by chance that I saw this amazing
top image of him turn up on the Facebook pages of that
rather wacky alternative fashion outlet
Kingkong Magazine.

Sporting a very appealing teasing fringe I barely recognized
him from his usual look. But I do remember first posting up
his images a couple of years ago when he was first introduced
to us through Select Models London.

Below are three of those original images I first posted up.
And at the bottom of this post are a few images from Jake's
latest appearance in an editorial called Lost Boys and
photographed by Oliver Yoan for MRMAG ONLINE, although
I haven't yet seen the new images inserted into their website.
But I did see them and other great images of Jake with a
thorough collection of editorial images posted up at Baidu.


More images HERE on the pages of the editorial
stylist Hanna C. Beck


  1. Dee HELLO Glad you are back How are you? Jake is so hot

  2. Pete, Glad you finally made it here. You can catch up on all the news on my 'Welcome Back' post.
    Yes Jake is a real cutie. I remember posting him up last year.
    Good to see you again though. Dee.

    1. Thanks Dee Glad to be back!!!

    2. Thanks Dee glad to be back

  3. Jake's one of my favourites too.

    1. Nik, He is a stunner and so handsome. But we haven't seen much of him in the last year.

      Poor Ol' Sir Rog... well he was 89. Saw him in a good film the other week called
      'The Man Who Haunted Himself.' Shame that the news of his demise was almost buried by
      the news in Manchester today.

  4. Jake is lovely, but I really love the fringe. Makes me feel a bit faint.

  5. Vera, I hardly recognised Jake with that teasing fringe. I've always preferred the fringe over the comb-back look.