Sunday, 14 May 2017

Fifteen Again!

Here's a nifty little tune by indie pop outfit 'Evripidis and his Tragedies.'
It came out last year and is part of their album 'Futile Games
in Space and Time.' And accompanying the song is a rather
nice video produced by Jordi Estrada.



  1. I liked the song, and the accompanying video. I laughed at the credit sequence, imagining the director saying, "Okay, now just sit there, hold it, and we will watch you drip!" I get his sentiment, think that my boyfriend and I were passing love notes back and forth in class at that age...during the dark ages!

  2. Tom, It is a song in that classic traditional pop song category. You can just imagine
    a group of young holiday makers singing along to it while merrily driving down to
    Cornwall in a Volkswagon.

    Oh those dark ages. I find it so sad that the very senior guys today had no such freedom
    back then when being gay was taboo.