Thursday, 18 May 2017

From Hidden Kisses to Taro

Well we do like Coming of Age dramas. And here's a new one that's not quite ready
as it's still in post production. It's a short film by French director Frank Marchal
about the freedom to be oneself.
The theme of the film is about the blossoming friendship between young Marc
played by Jules Houplain and Taro played by Harman Deep Palminder who Marc
looks up to and is seen as a big Brother type of figure. But when they spend a night
out at a squat things don't go to plan and both their lives will change.

The short film was shot in locations around Paris and the coastal region of Nacre
Normandy. And with the film still in post production the producers are still seeking
online financial assistance through Crowdfunding. More information on that can be
seen on the production's Taro page HERE.

Below are a few stills from the film plus a trailer.
Jules Houplain who plays the role of young Marc also featured in last year's gritty
coming out drama 'Hidden Kisses' directed by Didier Bivel and was apparently
made for television.

Above: Jules Houplain and Berenger Anceaux in 'Hidden Kisses.'

Below: Some images from 'TARO.'

More information about TARO on their website page HERE.


  1. My oh my! I hope I get to see this some day. Jules is exquisite.

  2. Vera, He certainly is. I believe that his other film from last year 'Hidden Kisses'
    has been premiering on French tv this very week. Gay Cultes blog did a posting and
    video about this week, featuring the lovely Jules.
    But it is odd that the Director of Taro is talking about 2018 for a release date.

  3. The name Taro is a Japanese name meaning eldest son but I don't think the character is meant to be Japanese although the director lived in Japan and says a girl in the film has a connection with the yakuza. I'm intrigued and we will see when it's completed. - Ian

  4. Ian, Yes I do believe a girl comes into the story and she certainly looks Japanese looking at the picture cast list. Perhaps she gets in the way of Marc's love plans for Taro... just a wild guess though.

    1. I think it will be Taro who gets in the way of Marc's love plans for the girl, and it will be the girl who will be the loser.

  5. Tom, That is possible as I think they mentioned that Marc might be interested in girls.

    Anyway it's good to have you back thanks to Vera's help, as I know that you regularly visit
    there and comment. No I certainly didn't just pack it all in. Maybe those long blog breaks
    are not such a good idea. But I wonder if the deletion was carried out by a singular person,
    something I could never do having seen all the work I had put into it. You'd think that they
    would at least warn you. Maybe dozens and dozens of blogs are picked out and by the press of
    a button they're nuked by a robot.

    But I sure was holding that front page for you, but alas you didn't turn up until now which
    is good, as you know I value your input. We're just waiting for my oldest follower of 10 yrs
    to show up (he just got back from vacation )then everything will feel like it's back to normal,
    blogging wise.
    And don't forget that I still want to impress you with the finalization of my Consul project.
    I'm quite excited about that one. I'm sure it's going to turn out well.