Sunday, 14 May 2017

It's all History Now!

Above: Jang yi Jeong in the video for 'QUEEN' which can be seen
at the bottom of this post.
With the arrival of South Korean tv in glorious HD to the UK's main satellite supplier
late last year, I'm now finally able to watch all the top K-Pop tv shows right in
my very own living room, and each and every day as well with shows
like 'The After School Club', 'Pops in Seoul' and best of all 'Simply K-Pop.'
My satellite hard-disc recorder is bursting at the seams having recorded so many
shows as I want to pick out some of the best and make some picture stills for a
super dooper post on the rise of K-Pop in the U.K.
I don't think Asian guys are very well represented on U.K. tv shows, and
watching something like the 'Simply K-Pop' tv show is like a moving conveyor
belt of mouth watering beauty as one band comes on following another.

'Simply K-Pop' tv show is I suppose the Asian version of Britain's once popular but now
dead and buried 'Top Of The Pops' weekly tv show, and the once a year Christmas
Day show doesn't really count. The fact is that U.K. Pop music culture is finished and gone
whether we like it or not. After all you can't base the UK Pop scene around four or
five top groups or single artists like Ed Sheeran, Adele, Coldplay and the struggling
In fact with the big UK Summer Festivals around the corner  it would seem from
reading the news that young music fans today are sick to death of having groups
like Radiohead and Coldplay as Festival headliners. They want to see fresh talent
topping the big Summer shows.
And just last year when Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover of Rock Bible
Rolling Stone magazine, Irish singer Sinead O'Connor tweeted saying
'That's it, Rock is finally dead.'

So at least I'm grateful that I grew up in an age when the British music scene was
positively thriving. And it's no wonder that almost 80% of my personal music collection
is retrospective.

But back to our K-Pop story where it would appear that the subjects of
our post here, K-Pop outfit 'History' have announced this week that they
are disbanding. Although their Management went on to say that all the members
will be kept on under individual contracts which is okay for the group's
two most popular members like Kyungil, the one with the body and abs
along with the spectacular Jang yi Jeong who features here in all of these images.
But I wonder what will become of the lesser known members. Will they
succeed as solo artists?  Will any of them succeed? 

Below: Jang Ji Jeong in the video for 'QUEEN.'

Some of the images and gifs via HEARTBREAKER K-POP TUMBLR   
Above and below: Jang yi Jeong in the Krin 'Queen' video.

Below: History's most popular member Kyungil
famous for that body and the abs.

Above: Jang yi Jeong in History's impressive video for 'What am I to You'
which can be seen below.

It is an unusual as well as different video from a K-pop group.
It tries to create a bit of realism and probably isn't the kind of video that the
K-pop world is churning out at the moment. In it we see Jang yi Jeong
wearing only his white briefs while moping around a darkly lit hotel room
in a run down part of Berlin in Germany. The video was filmed back in
late 2013. Now of course you imagine that K-pop performers hands are
tied and that their Management are watching and vetting everything they do.

Below: Looks like Jang yi Jeong is trying to catch
up with Kyungil in the abs department.

Below: The video for 'What am I to You' filmed in Berlin Germany.

Below: Jang yi Jeong appears on a Radio show with
Jackson from GOT7.
Looks like a bit of fanservice going on here.

Below: Jang yi Jeong practices his dance moves.

Below: History's video 'Queen' although it does sound cute
when the boys pronounce the word Krin instead of Queen.


  1. It's easy to overdose on K-Pop. I tried keeping up with it when I first arrived in Thailand but there's so much of it, especially involving pretty boy groups featuring youngsters like Jackson (please run your hands all over me) that I've almost given up. Now Im into watching Korean soaps and movies and trying to sort out the soap dross from stuff that isn't too bad. And of course the Kiss Asian site gives you Japanese, Chinese and Thai stuff as well. I think Im watching more Asian material right now than western. But Netflix, and other streaming services like it, is the way to go for quality programs, not free to air. - Oan

  2. Ian, You're right in that there are just too many groups so it's not easy keeping up with them, and many of them do look so alike. I do wonder if the boys managers pass around the suits they wear on the shows. Maroon red and black seem popular. And so another group come on and you find yourself saying oh that other group wore those suits 2 weeks ago.

    But I've noticed that it's mainly the new rookie groups that appear on these shows. I've yet to see the big boys like Shinee and BTS etc showing up, after all they don't need the exposure. They are established after all.

    I quite like the look of SF9 and particularly like Taeyang. But every time he comes on he looks different. Gotta have a different hair colour for every show.
    But I realize you follow more so the Korean dramas. I'm hoping that 'Advance Bravely' will officially be released if it hasn't already.
    I saw yet another episode on Youtube where someone (again) was filming it in the actual cinema. A bit wobbly to look at but I was actually enjoying the audience reaction who were constantly giggling.

  3. I'm shallow, I admit it. I don't really care if the music is good or not if the visuals are this lovely.

  4. Vera, We do tend to overlook the quality of the music over the image, but some of the groups do actually
    make a good sound. Still I did have my overload of K-Pop tonight with 'Pops in Seoul.'
    And the 'After School Club' tv show is a lot of fun, particularly if a hot group is featured where we get
    50 minutes of fun with just one boyband. So yes I'm getting a lot of lovely visuals.

  5. maybe see or for other European views of views of Japan ... Karl Andersson is there to connect .... and converse ?

  6. Thanks Leo, But those two sites didn't take me to anywhere that dealt with K-Pop. Cmykrush only took me to a sales page for boylove fiction and images... the very thing that got my 7 year blog The Beauty Hunter nuked by Giggle. Are you sending me the correct links or just selling/promoting something.

  7. Im pinching a bit of this for my toyko boy blog.