Thursday, 25 May 2017


Here's a recent favourite model at Coitus Online that just returned
for a follow up photo shoot with some images by Pantelis.
And they look even bolder than the previous set.

More of these fresh hot new images of Jordan James can be seen

Above: Jordan in another image by Pantelis from
late last year. Just one of several pictures from his
instagram-Picaram page HERE.


  1. I literally was looking at Jordan's Instagram feed five minutes ago! He's always very good-looking, but Pantelis captures him better than anyone else. I have a pristine collection of Coitus Magazines. They are truly a work of art.

  2. Vera, Gee, you're quite a collector of magazines. I'm sure you keep your Mail man busy.
    But you're right in that some photographers really do capture the models so much better.
    In the past I've often been disappointed seeing some of my favourite models in fairly
    lousy editorials, and yet with another photographer it all works.

    I think Pantelis uses great lighting as well as colour and that's why his images stand out.
    I must look up Jordan's instagram. Maybe I'll add him into my instagram list. I think I've
    added in many of the boys you like and follow. Dee.

  3. Dare I say it? A caucasian boy who actually looks attractive and not like the perpetually surly and sullen youths in so many other publications. Refreshing. - Ian

  4. Ian, Well he does seem well up for it. You wonder how bold will his next photo shoot turn out.