Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Wrath of Tumblr

Is Tumblr just becoming one big deletion machine? Only I was
looking through my laptop 'Favourites' where I keep various sites
as well as many tumblrs, and yet the majority of them
have been deleted. I don't often visit my Favourites as it's
too chaotically over full. If I think a site is important enough
and I've not put it in my own blog links then I'll desktop it
onto my laptop where as it might get lost and buried in the
But I wonder if there is  possibly a deletion department 
 at Tumblr Headquarters where staff are on paid
 commission to nuke as many of them that they find

I noticed that one big tumblr last week fell and was gobbled
up. I say big because a lot of other tumblrs were feeding off
of it. It was called 'Of Mice and Men' (wannes1963blr).
Admittedly the owner of that one had an extraordinary
collection of images, images that you imagine he had collected
over a lifetime. Perhaps he was a professional image archivist.

So here's a tumblr with no such problem. Amazingly their
archives go right back to Nov 2012. Now there's longevity
for you. Called Dannybois Secret Garden it features mainly
guys in the great outdoors as you can see in the top pictures
above. I wonder if the one at the top right are a set of twins.
They certainly look alike. I wonder who they are.

Dannyboi2secretgarden tumblr


  1. I have four tumblr and nothing deleted over a few years. I am careful not to post underage photos. But that's the only caution I have. My mental instability is very evidently sprawled over all blogs. I have noticed what people post after deletion stays in circulation. Images still have links to original blog. When clicked, the blogs gone. Images people re-post live on. My conclusion is the blogger themselves deleted the blog. Not tumblr. If someone flags an images tumblr will delete it no warning. We are playing in their free sand box, so they rule. I have also noticed if you are a flagging terrorist they will delete you for causing trouble. Two right-wing blogs got booted for being d!cks. Also noted young gays posting their own x rated images use tumblr like grindr. Just want sex. After months of being trolled by old men,they quit blogging. They also mistake the hot guy images they see for gay when they are really straight. Straight boys are so hot. Maybe it's that we "can't touch" leads the fantasy? I say that's when money enters the equation. Tumblr is very open. I've seen animal sex images there. Not nice but legal in some countries. To each their pudding. I block the blog and move on,try to erase the images from my mind. Puts me off Mexican food for a few days. No fat burritos with cilantro crema for me thank you.

    1. Neil, Didn't know you had as many as four of them. But you will notice that tumblrs with their favourite name then with a number added onto it, like say 4 or 5, well we know that that usually means they've been nuked 4 or 5 times and just keep coming back.

      It's always odd when you get a young stud that comes along, opens a tumblr and teases his new found audience with nudie pics every other night. But when that sugardaddy enters the scene, the boy is told to remove all those x rated images if he wants to be looked after.
      I think this happened with 'Lewie Booty' (in my tumblr link list)a quite spectacular looking mixed Asian guy with a booty to die for.
      But then recently he slowly started to repost up the nudies. Perhaps the sugardaddy left the scene.
      I've seen this happen a few times.
      But check him (Lewie) out. He is quite spectacular.

  2. I have two tumblr blogs, one of them very active. The more active one just had it's 7th anniversary with no incidents. My only rule is "no penises," but I know of several long-running blogs that have no such restrictions.

    1. Vera, I wasn't really aware that you had a long running tumblr. Perhaps if you send the link then
      I can add it into my tumblr list.

      Not ever having had a tumblr I really don't know how they work. Are tumblr owners really posting up
      images around the clock until they go to bed, or is it that other invited bloggers are putting up
      their pictures. It's a mystery to me. As an observer of say a single owned tumblr that posts around the
      clock, it's almost like you can keep tabs on their obsessional daily tumblr movements. I think it's an
      addiction for some.

      But yes there are some out there with stronger material and you just wonder when Mr Nuker is going to pay
      a visit.

    2. Vera, I wanted to add... Often I might be up late... say 1.30 am in the morning and with a quick check on
      my tumblr link list I'll suddenly see that so and so has just posted up an image 2 minutes ago.
      Then of course I'm thinking..."What are they doing being up and about this late at night."
      It does kind of give you a spooky insight into someone's daily obsessional activity, specially if they
      are the sole image posters putting up pictures every few hours.

  3. Dee, These people might not be as obsessive as you think. Tumblr has a queuing feature, so it will post for you on a schedule. If I am on tumblr I add 20 or more photos to my queue before I go to bed, which is something that happens frequently, something new will post every ten minutes or so, and it will seem as if I have been obsessively blogging all night when I have actually been fast asleep. Anyway, if you wish to view my active tumblr its at Unlike my Blogger blog, I give my tumblr almost no thought, just mostly reblog things I like, so naturally the Tumblr blog has almost 7000 followers while my Blogger blog is dying a slow death.

    1. Vera, Ah so it's a queuing system. But don't say that about your blog. The blog speaks to us. It's where your personality comes through, where as tumblrs just tickle our fancies with beauty with picture after picture.
      The whole tumblr culture reminds me of when we were at School and we would swap Football cards (pictures of popular soccer players).

      But I have added in your tumblr in the link list. I think if someone showed me three tumblrs and asked me which one was your's, I think I'd pick your one out first time. Such nice pictures.

  4. My internet space wasters.
    I post/lurk mostly by phone app laying in bed. When I dose off the phone always hit me in the face waking me up. Or it falls to the floor. Gets stuffed under a pillow or under me. I had to go back to using an old alarm clock I retired. Can't use the phones alarm if it muffled under something.

    1. Neil, How is it that I've got to sign in to tumblr to look at your other two blogs. I don't have
      a tumblr account. Nor can I comment (Ask me anything) on your main tumblr... gotta sign in again.

  5. hi.maybe you know his new blog?

    1. Rostd... Gee you're going back here a bit.
      Perhaps you're asking about "Of Mice and Men" tumblr.
      I don't know the answer to that.