Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Benthe De Vries

Imagine having the kind of beauty that allows you on a mere whim to
go outside each day and be seen in a gender of your own choosing, and
with very little effort put in.
Well that's exactly what Dutch beauty Benthe De Fries is capable of.
And watching this short video below by Tom Mitchell had me gasping in
admiration as well as disbelief.

Top picture by Michael Wooley.
More images of Benthe De Fries.

Above:  Benthe from an excellent picture gallery at LISTAL.


  1. I guess it's easy if you want to dress like a boy and have the haircut, but then you get gay men lusting after you instead of straight. Or dykes. But in the end, its just playing dress up. Drag queens do it all the time. - Ian

  2. We have a lesbian administrator at our school who looks quite similar to Benthe in this video. When she was in college, she even played on a female rugby team, of all things. She is married to an extremely beautiful woman and together they have a baby, but I forget which one was the mother...I the mother was her wife. Also, she is Belgian, but from the Flemish part, which essentially makes her Dutch.