Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Louis Mayhew... And That Chiseled Torso.

It's odd that I've never really taken much notice of stunning DNA Model
Louis Mayhew even though his name sounds vaguely familiar.
And yet it was just a single image of him that lead me to explore his other
images, and there seems to be plenty of them.
And yet he appears to look different in almost every photo shoot.

Amazingly he's part Native American Indian, African American,
Scottish as well as part French. And he does in many of his editorials appear
to have that rare gift of being able to fluctuate between looking like a beautiful
Black male model and then suddenly appearing as a White caucasion, although
looking somewhat slightly South American.

These top three images are by a friend called Sellah and they were his first
photo shoot images. They're also part of Louis's most recent instagram
posting in which he tells a short story about them and what was happening
in his life around that time.

Never shy to show off that perfectly chiseled torso Louis has admitted that he
doesn't mind posing nude. And there's certainly a few of them out there including
that no holds barred photo shoot he did for Steven Klein and EY Magazine a couple
of years ago. And if anything it was Louis that went all out as the boldest model
in that very revealing editorial. Matt Logos was also there but he preferred to keep
everything tucked in.  
And it's those pictures plus many more that I found in a phenomenal
gallery of around 50 of his best images. And they can be found at.....


There's also a wonderful collection of Louis images at.....


Above left: Louis by JD Barnes for Fantastics Magazine.
Above right: A stunning shot by Brent Chua. And it was
that shot that left me gasping.
Many photographers will cheat to get a slim waist and hips to
look just like that. But Louis looks naturally like that.

Above@ Louis with Jordan Barrett for Idol Magazine
shot by Greg Swales.
Also appearing in that shoot was Lydia Hunt. And in the
short promotional Youtube video there's definitely a hint
of a menage a trois about to take place.
That video and complete editorial can be found at Male Model Scene 

Above: Louis at the Bench Naked Truth Show.
An Underwear extravaganza.

Below: A short video with Louis showing us his charms.


  1. i first saw him live in new york at september 2011 - he was 20 -at it was his first show( scouted only few month age
    i follow him on internet the fast allmost 6 years - but why he get naked this may? it s the first steep of his prostitution ? will he get an adult porn star ? or an escort?

    1. Bernard, I don't think it makes him a bad person because he chose to do those nude shots. Yes maybe his most recent instagram posting does sound a bit like an apology for some of the photo sessions he did around 2011. He did seem confused back then, not knowing which direction to take. But I think he should be proud of all his images, especially with a body like his.
      I do remember you making another controversial statement a while back. And we don't want to upset Ian, do we.
      Try not to think bad of people that like to show off their bodies.

  2. Bernard, what a terrible comment to make about somebody. Why on earth would you think that just because he poses nude, he is going to become a prostitute or a porn star? Maybe he just enjoys showing himself off. What a disgusting mind you have. - Ian

  3. Sorry- sorry Deejohn and Ian - Ian IS RIGHT- my comnent is terrible - I did not want to offend anyone , my gay fantasie has had me in the grip-- i am only an old man( nearly 60 days - born januar 1958 In the countryside of western germany ( a village with 5000 Inhabitants halfway between frankfurt and munich ) There i grow up in a conservative Roman Catholic family ...
    I admire the beauty of young males between 16 ad 35 - i love to see youg male models and athletic lads--
    now i live only 30 miles from cologne , next to berlin and hamburg one of the gay hotspots of germany , but i am to old to had sex without money with such young men under 35 years - i wish i was young in times like today , were you can life open gay in the liberal part of the world (Especially in Western Europe)
    so please forgive my comment about louis - his body is beautiful and he is rightly proud of it

  4. Bernard, Thank you for your story.
    We hope you will keep visiting and enjoying this blog.