Monday, 12 June 2017

On Yer Bike!

Saturday saw a huge turnout for London's annual Naked Bike Ride. And perhaps the
weather had something to do with it as it was for once a gloriously sunny and warm
Although several groups of cyclists met up at various meeting points around town,
the main gathering area was at Marble Arch Hyde Park.
And once the cyclists took off en route we spent a couple of hours down by the
Serpentine by the Boat Lake until they returned to Wellington Arch near Hyde Park
Once everyone did return there was unfortunately very little space to disembark
as only a small area was allocated for the cyclists to finish up and get dressed.
I'm not sure why the cyclists weren't allowed their usual disembarking space on
the more spacious Wellington Arch Green.

And as much as the Bike Ride website discourages naked cyclists from loitering
around the area once they've returned you can always be sure of a dozen or so
that seemingly don't want to go home and simply walk around naked to the
consternation of tourists and the general public, unaware that such an event even took
Of course the younger riders are always first to cover up and head off home. But it's
the older and bolder guys that don't seem to want the party to end.

Below are just a few of the pictures I took on Saturday.


  1. Hmmm .. put a sock in it, now put it in a sock. A shame the handsome Asian guy in the blue Pumps didn't show more of his sexy body. The Asian with the selfie stick is nicely shaved and not as shy as some. Are photographers like Dee supposed to strip off as well? Maybe they should. - Ian

    1. Ian, Yes the Asian guy was hot. And there did seem to be more of them taking part this year.
      I don't quite understand the bald crotch look. He didn't seem to have a care in the world.
      Wouldn't surprise me if he walks around his house like that.

      Who me naked? I think you've seen enough of me on the next page. Wont keep them there for
      much longer.

  2. Drop your nickers. Dash about. How can the riders sit on those narrow seats naked? Lots of chafing and olfactory alerts. Peddling used for turning calories into scar tissue. Just don't get the allure?

  3. nice to see yellow sun glass guy is keeping up appearances

    1. Yes still good looking but looking a bit bigger two years on.
      Maybe he's not a gym bunny.

    2. the first picture with the yellow glasses he's showing abs. you have to look above the dick.

    3. Have added in another picture of him.