Friday, 23 June 2017


Below: Now that's my idea for a hot newspaper cover.
Well what a scorcher of a week it's been with the U.K experiencing one of
those rare heatwaves  with temperatures over 30c for at least five days
in a row.
And with the heat came all the usual hazards with hundreds of extra
emergency Ambulance call outs, people sweltering on the Central Line
Underground and rail tracks overheating causing travel chaos.
It seems like we never prepare for these rare events.
And it all seemed to peak on Wednesday when a temperature of 35c was
recorded at Heathrow London making it officially the hottest June day
since 1976, the year Britain experienced it's longest hottest Summer.

This week saw in the Mid-Summer Solstice when over 13,000 people
gathered at the sacred site of Stonehenge on Wednesday to watch the
sunrise at exactly 4.52 am.
The week also saw the start of Glastonbury 2017, quite possibly the
biggest music event in the world. And unfortunately thousands arriving
for the festivities had to endure long hot waiting times to get into the grounds.

Thankfully things have finally cooled down a bit and I can slowly get
back to some digging in the garden. On Wednesday it was impossible
to get anything done. But I was pleased that my next door neighbour
connected up his outdoor garden water tap and hose specially for me
so that I could give the garden a damned good watering.
Saturday will be my last day in the garden as the owners are back on

Above: Sun rising over Glastonbury Tor earlier this week.
( Picture by South West News Service )

Around thirty teenage Schoolboys turned up at a Devon School
wearing skirts. Apparently the School authorities refused  their
requests to let them wear shorts during this week's
heatwave. It seems that some of the boys were told to
get their legs shaved as it caused some concern, something
I find a bit odd.
Do 14 and 15 year old boys have over hairy legs? I wouldn't
have thought so. I just wonder why that was brought into the
It seems that even though the weather has now cooled down
a bit, some of them are actually keen to carry on wearing the

Full story at METRO online

Above: Wednesday evening's tv weather.
Does the U.K have a two tier weather system similar to North
and South Australia. It's just that every time the Summer
weather comes on I simply cant help checking the temperature
for Lerwick up in the Shetlands, all part of the U.K.
Even at the height of our Summers when London is baking in
warm spells, Lerwick seems to be enduring some appalling Winter
like temperatures as you can see above. And apparently their
average daytime temperature for the next five days will range
around 12 to 14c.
And I say similar to Australia as the temperatures for Melbourne
at the Southern point of the country will hover around 13c for the next
5 days. Where as up at the Northern tip of Queensland around the
Cape York Peninsula temperatures will average around 28c for the
next few days.

Oddly enough last Summer I bumped into a lady friend who
I used to serve in the Shop I used to work in. And I asked her if she'd been
away over the Summer. And amazingly she said "Yes, we went to Lerwick
in The Shetlands and we had lovely weather." So there you go. 

So it's Glastonbury time again. It's probably one of, if not, the biggest festivals out there.
Other festivals aspire to become just as big. But Glastonbury is right up there looking
down on all the others.
In fact I was looking at a website called Creation Music News which features info
and a list on some of the biggest music festivals around the world. They include Lollapalooza
which is held in Chicago in July. There's Bestival which comes from The Isle of Wight.
There's also a big event held each year in Tennessee called Bonnaroo. It's quite a
big Festival with 12 stages and attended by around 85,000 people.
But then when you look at Glastonbury it has over 100 stages and is attended by
over 200,000 or more people.

I've been checking in a few times over the last few days the Glastonbury Webcam.
It's been fascinating watching the land spaces filling up. And so now Pilton Farm
in Somerset has become a awash with thousands of tents.


Huge crowds enduring the long hot wait to get into
the Festival grounds on Wednesday. 

Above: The Newquay Boardmasters Music Festival site as seen from the air.
A big Festival but not quite as big as Glasto.

Below is one of many shots I took of last years Boardmasters Festival site.
Images via tumblr.
Top picture (Abercrombie & Fitch) by Bruce Weber.


  1. It was hot enough in England when I first visited, especially London. Nothing there is designed to deal with heat, so people must suffer badly. I think some of the lads look rather comfortable and at home in skirts. Perhaps it is just that they have some Scottish genes.

  2. Andrew, You're right. We don't seem to prepare for anything. Probably due to our all year round mild climate.
    One recent Winter they had to halt some trains due to the wrong kind of snow.

    Yes those boys were loving all the attention. They seemed keen to carry on wearing the skirts saying how it keeps them cool around the crotch area.
    We saw them all our TV news bulletins.

  3. I think most of the boys featured here have forgotten to wear their Abercrombie and Fitchs. Delightful.
    I see the Daily News has moved away from a big bosomed lady on page 3. And about time too.
    Seeing the Glastonbury images reminded me its two years to the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. And right now is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco - be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, and 50 years since The Graduate was released. Here's to you Mrs Robinson. So what were you doing, dear readers, during the Summer of Love? - Ian

  4. Ian, That front page of the Daily News was just something I made, a sort of wishful thinking. I did write a piece with it bemoaning the fact that newspaper picture editors always put up dolly birds in bikinis splashing about on a beach when we have a heatwave, but never a half naked young stud. And I thought we were all aspiring to sexual equality. So why don't editors want to put in a bit of male eye candy now and then.

    Yes there seems to be several 50th anniversaries happening right now including 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalized... so obviously that's going to be Saturday week's theme for London Gay Pride.
    Ah and Woodstock as well in 2 yrs. And no doubt there's going to be one big party down at Abbey Road for the Beatles 50th anniversary of that landmark album Abbey Road. The residents must be booking their holidays already.

    Looks like a lot of the younger ones at Glastonbury are all dressed up hippie style for another Summer of Love. So even the young are nostalgic for those colourful days.

  5. With guys like that Somerset Farm Worker Graham, I'd love to get myself down to that farm!

    The schoolboys with their skirts look awfully cute, and I loved Andrew's comments about the Scottish genes. I felt they looked perfectly normal, especially since the pattern of those skirts is like a tartan. A bagpipe or two wouldn't have been out of place. I don't get the bit about shaving their legs, though. I don't think they'd have anything to shave, but if they did, what, is that considered too sexy, or something? Whoever came up with that shaving the legs bit probably shouldn't be thinking whatever it is he is thinking, or, if it was a woman, hey, they weren't trying to be girls, they just wanted to be cool.

    Regarding all the bigger boys stripping down due to the heat, the naked boy lying down in the grass, now that's how I liked to picnic! Maybe not any more, but "summer of love" time, you betcha!