Friday, 28 July 2017


Now there's a rarity. A model that actually smiles in his portfolio pictures.
And this is South American beauty Ian Mello who models for top 
agency 40 Graus Models.
The images are by Felipe Gachido.

More of Ian Mello's PORTFOLIO IMAGES.

Below: More images by photographer Beto Urbano.
More can be seen HERE.


  1. I completely agree. A smile goes a long way. You're young. You should be smiling. You'll plenty of years down the road to frown, scroll and dread.

  2. Neil, It does make a fresh change to see a model smile. Perhaps the photographers and agencies
    are worried that some of the model's personalities might come shining through.
    So for the majority we just have to put up with the scowling look.

  3. A model enjoying his work. How innovative. Don't worry, it won't catch on. - Ian

  4. Ian, I'm sure it won't catch on... sadly.

  5. Smiling, oh dear, they will drum him out of the international model's union!

    It looks good.

    I honestly have always wondered why models don't smile. I figured it was meant to demonstrate a power over the malleable masses, as if to say, "For a person as beautiful and superior as I am, it is such an imposition to parade myself in front of such plebeians as the likes of you" and that makes the plebeians wish they were them and therefore copy them and their fashions or at least wear whatever brand or designer's name that is being advertised. Does it work? I don't know. Somehow I never thought that if I bought Abercrombie & Fitch clothes that someone was going to later ask me to be a shirtless stud model to stand outside their stores to lure customers inside to buy, or that if I wore Calvin Klein underwear that I was going to be confused with the underwear model ten stories tall in a billboard in Times Square.

    I am amused by vintage photographic portraits wherein nobody ever smiled. From our point of view, it seems unthinkable to have a photo taken without having to say "cheese", but in this olden days, they never taught to smile. Maybe that was considered unseemly, "cheesy". Come to think of it, it IS kind of cheesy!

    Unfortunately, nowadays, with so many people taking selfies, the fashion is to make that duck face. I'd rather see the fashion model face of disdain.

  6. Tom, Strange that when growing up and having our picture taken we were always forced to smile on the word cheese. I imagine that I never looked miserable in any old photo as a child.

    But it is good to see the occasional model sporting a nice smile. Perhaps photographers don't really approve as a smile can be a bit personal.
    Interesting that you used the term duckface. I wonder why when people take selfies they have a sudden urge to pout.