Friday, 7 July 2017



When I first saw this top image above last year I was
completely dumstruck and speechless.
 And without a doubt it was my favourite Asian image
from 2016 which is why I posted it up on my previous blog.
So it's good to know that this mysterious model from Taiwan
now sits comfortably here for all to admire once again.

He comes from the pages of Timothy's Photography but there
doesn't appear to be any information about him or even who he is.
And yet some of the models are named with links to their various
weibos and instagram pages. Why is there seemingly just the one
odd picture of him?
The quality of the models on Timothy's page is truly outstanding.
And I noticed that there's even a few more new faces up there.
And I think we're slowly beginning to realise that the Koreans,
the Thais and the Japanese must be looking over their shoulders
at the outstanding beauty of guys from Taiwan.
In fact compared to a country like South Korea Taiwan is much
more gay friendly and more so aware of LGBT issues and needs.
Which is why they recently became the first Asian country that
permits same sex partnerships.
And yet in contrast we hear that quite recently two gay men
were lashed 83 times in Indonesia.

We really are living in some unsettled times right now. 


  1. Another in a series of excellent Taiwanese photographers. I note the guitar is strategically positioned and wondered what was holding it up. Then I saw the strap over his shoulder. But can he play it? - Ian

  2. Ian, I guess the guitar was just a handy prop rather like Western photographers annoyingly use the cigarette in the mouth prop in the belief that it will make their models look cool.
    But this model certainly had me taking on an almost Sherlock Holmes attitude, using a magnifying glass, looking at skin marks and cleavage shapes just to try and work out if he is in several of the other models. Surely he can't be just a one off.
    But Timothy has quite a stable of beauties there.
    The only difference between him and Bluemen photographer is that I don't think that Timothy goes in for the full nude shots. At least I think that's so.

  3. I can think of something to stick in his mouth that would be cool