Thursday, 20 July 2017

Burmese Beauties

Above and below are a few discoveries from Asian blog MYANMAR HUNKS.
The first model at the top here is Myat Lamin who features in several picture
blog posts.
The photography is by Kansuho @ Black & White Photo Studios.

Sadly the blog Myanmar Hunks seems to have stopped posting after almost
8 years, originally starting in 2008, the year that so many bloggers started out.

More of Myat HERE.
Below: Another eye catching beauty by the name of Sai Thom Kham,
also by Black & White Photo Studio.

More of Sai HERE.
And probably the loveliest of all is a model called Phone Sint
by Kan Su Ho at Black & White Photo Studios.

More of Phone from several blog posts HERE.


  1. Myanmar Hunks was one of my favourite blogs as there weren't many showcasing the beauty of Burmese boys. Sadly, it gave up the ghost last September. I'm surprised young Phone has such a nickname. Usually its Thai boys with English nicknames, like Beer, Bank, Ice, Sky etc, - Ian

    1. Yes, I've heard that name Phone before... maybe used with an 'F' not sure.
      I once had a contact in Chiangmai by that name. But collecting Thai boy contacts
      became a little bit expensive.
      But yes I think I've always been aware of the beauty of the Burmese boys. And I think
      quite a few of them moved to Thailand to work in the Bars and Shows.

      But it's the Thai boys surnames that I struggle with. Can anyone remember Peachy's long surname?

    2. Forgot to mention.... It's always sad when bloggers just walk away from their blogs
      without any explanation. I hope I never do that.
      What must their regular readers think after 8 years of hard work?
      Half the time you start to think that maybe they've had an accident.

    3. Only me. His full name is Witwisit Hiranyawongkul and he just turned 28 last Thursday. Ten years since the Love of Siam was released. - Ian

    4. Ah yes. Only you would know. But Peachy still looks amazing. But we don't hear too much about Mario.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Neil. Looks like a few pics there for your 'Tokyo Boy' tumblr fans.