Sunday, 30 July 2017


Above (top) is a recent shot of popular online face and model Cameron Dallas.
The image is part of photographer Mario Testino's 'Towel Series.'

More of the photographer's work can be seen at an online
site that only recently came to my attention.
Called ARTSY, the site is a platform for collecting and
promoting art and photography.

More of Mario Testino's work can be seen on Artsy's special
page devoted to his photography.


Well if they ever do a remake of Barbarella then we'll know
where to find a new Pygar.
The images below are by photographer Damon Baker.


  1. I really like that picture you posted of Cameron Dallas, but if you hadn't identified it as him, I wouldn't have known that's who it is. The Damon Baker photos, on the other hand, don't move me very much.

    1. Oddly enough it was the bleach blond images of Cameron that I didn't recognize.
      He could almost be another John Philip Law as Duran Duran in an update of Barbarella.
      Mind you I mustn't talk of re-makes. I'm usually against all that.
      I remember Philip Law in the Rod Steiger film 'The Sergeant' where Steiger has a crush
      on him, aand quite rightly. He was beautiful.

    2. Barbarella, one of my favorite movies from that late '60s era! Jane Fonda totally scandalize me in that film. I thought she was shockingly beautiful. The Angel's name was "Pygar" and yes, he was beautiful. Duran Duran was the evil guy who tried to sexually torture Barbarella in that "organ" thing whose circuits she blew, instead. David Hemmings turned me on in that movie, as well; I thought he was very cute. He was the one who wanted to do sex with Barbarella the "modern" way where they touched hands instead of the old fashioned way (normal sex) the way the Ice Man wanted to do it. Fun times, and a fun introduction to S&M for a somewhat naive guy.

    3. Tom, Of course it was 'Pygar' not Duran Duran. I almost forgot that David Hemmings was in that one.
      Perhaps you liked him even more in 'Blow Up.'

      Oddly enough Hemmings turned up in a BBC documentary about the composer Benjamin Britten. As a boy Hemmings
      was taken under the wing of Britten. Hemmings claimed in that documentary that nothing inappropriate happened between them, and was genuinely fond of the composer, even seeing him as a Father figure. As the boy he appeared in a production of Britten's 'Billy Budd.'

  2. Is it a forgery rather than the real Mona Lisa? Cameron Dallas is iconic, incredible, and unforgettable-- but is what we see the real deal? The story of the Cameron Dallas from his birth in 1994 through surfing, eating Subway foot-longs on white bread with turkey, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, avocado, one line of lite mayo and one line of yellow mustard with three cookies and to his current status as untouchable superstar, breaking down the strange stories and rumors swirling around it can be found at different-shade-of-normal @ Tumblr.

    1. Neil, even with Dee's proof, I would say that I agree with you. Even with perfection, there is no perfection. Playboy magazine would airbrush their models and many (if not all) movie posters have been photoshopped blending the male and female star's faces onto even better bodies, and even then they still do some "photoshop plastic surgery" even on the models' bodies. That's probably one reason why some stars aren't completely recognizable when you run into them at a "normal" time, such as when I ran into Faye Dunaway (I had developed a crush on her in "The Thomas Crown Affair", but which diminished with "Eyes of Laura Mars" and "Mommy Dearest") at Kinko's where she was xeroxing resumes and head shots and I couldn't confirm it was her until she spoke to one of the attendants. Her voice gave her away, while her face didn't quite. Without make-up, glamour clothes, their hair styled...well, many of them don't look like what they look like. (Men are easier to spot than women.)

      So, as much as I was strongly drawn to Cameron's body every time I saw a photograph of it, I still felt that he had a flaw (yeah, listen to ME talk about flaws!) in the bottom half of his torso. Cameron's lower belly portion was always slightly "poochy" and his horizontal belly button was a bit too squashed closed. Also, he hadn't a strand of treasure trail. But now in this Testino "creation", Cameron's got a noticeably flatter lower belly and his belly button is a smidgen rounder (but still horizontal, now more shaped like a football), and he has a substantial treasure trail, which I don't think grows on you overnight. Interestingly, where Dee has this photo placed, directly to the right is that Rizust photo of the Asian guy, and I swear, it looks almost like the Asian guy's belly had been brought over to Cameron. The Asian guy's Apollo's Girdle is slightly more pronounced than the one put on Cameron, though, and slightly more horizontal than Cameron's, and Cameron's was slightly more vertical than the Asian guy's. Cameron's body has a more vertical line, maybe due to being taller, or maybe leaner than the Asian guy, who really is more muscular. I realize that it is pathetic of me to be analyzing these bodies pixel by pixel, but somebody's got to do it! COMMENT CONTINUED IN NEXT COMMENT

      The rest of your comment went right over my head, unless what you were indicating was that by the way Cameron eats he should be fat and the fact that he isn't either means that he is in some way a fake, or else that this is yet another reason to be envious of him, in that he can eat what he wants and still look like that, even if his belly IS the slightest smidgen less than perfection. I don't think Cameron really does anything to be who he is or to make himself look the way he looks, unless it actually is all a ruse of some kind. He probably is a very recreationally active boy, but I doubt if he formally "works out". It seems that he just is one of those lucky guys who simply have it naturally. But that can also be a curse in the long run, as it all will come to an end unless he has some other spectacular talents. That must be a shock to get used to not being able to go anywhere without people taking double-takes, to then suddenly becoming someone nobody even looks at at all. I stopped going into gay clubs when that happened to me, not that I was any kind of a beauty, but I did attract at least SOME notice, but then all of a sudden when I moved back to L.A. and went back to a very popular dance club where before I had danced the hours away and took guys home or they took me home, I was able to walk the whole distance along what seemed to be an airplane hanger's length and the only attention I got were the scowls on the faces of the "Queens" who bumped into me as I walked that distance. I had become totally invisible. But all I had to do was accept that this phase of life was now over, but for someone in the position that Cameron is in, such a thing could lead to drugs or suicide. One can't say it hasn't happened before!

    3. Hi Pi's. Cameron does work out at the gym. Twice a week. Since he's a bit of a short person his body responds quickly and muscles pop. Tall people have to work out three times harder to get the same results. He played soccer in high school. His early pictures showed him with zero body fat. (bastard) He tummy variations of fitness are related to his work calendar. When he has a few weeks off he doesn't work out. Lazy bum syndrome. His good looks are a gift from his mother. His mother is of half German and half Mexican descent. His father has Scottish ancestry. Nobody talks about the father?

    4. On Mr Pit's second view. Disco Bunnies: I too found sweet lustful men at the disco when younger. Didn't we all. Twenty years later they avoided me. Now nearing my silver years. Well it would be silver. Just for Men Dirty Blond #5 took care of that. The Disco bunnies of 2017 now hold the door open for me as I enter the 7-11. I try to muster up a fart as I walk by. Pay back bitches.

  3. Neil, you do put it so well. At least we know to visit your tumblr when Cameron falls off the moral wagon.
    Although I couldn't find those Cameron gifs on your tumblr, the ones where he's slapping his bare ass on a table.

    I wonder if Cameron was being humorous just before that photo shoot when he asked... 'Who is Mario (Testino).'

  4. Cam's one to watch. Not just for the fall. He has kept his image in between what expected. Nothing about drugs or booze. He seems clean or aware to keep it just once in awhile. That stuff wrecks the skin and makes you look old. (don't we all know that) His body is his money maker. He has no other talents. Can't sing, did try. Not much of an actor, again he did try. Two films I think. One was Expelled. A third rate Farris Buller rip off with a stupid story with dumb and immature characters.Cam takes his shit off about ten times. Earned him two stars. Don't know if Cameron cares. Never said anything about it. The check cleared the bank. Cam's net worth is estimated to be between $4.5-6 million. Beiber is $225 million. I give Cam more respect than the canadian douche.Cameron's likable. He's pretty. That's it. How many years will it last? 22 years old now. Only 175cm. Seems to like women but hasn't snagged one in the news. No gay stuff. One of his vine co-stars went in gay porn. He was shunned from the group. What will Cameron do in the decades ahead? What can he do? Just breeding stock. Sperm donor?

  5. Can't stand the despicable little douche nor his coterie of equally sexist, gay bashing mates.
    Plus he has a particularly ugly mutilated cock, so karma got him straight out the womb !

    Glad you liked the Sabbath track, SBS was the first album I bought, all those millennia ago.

    Giggle's zapped me, idk why, they don't tell, as you know. I shan't do it again. I'll just be a tumblr gay till the next nuking and probably with that I'll be gone.


  6. Nik, I guessed you got zapped. Yes they don't like to tell us why.
    Was it the young twinks or was it the anti-religious quotes. Giggle
    do seem to be tightening up their rules. Is atheism now deemed as
    hate speech? You do wonder.
    But tumblr seems to have added something this week. Some kind of
    NSFW filter.
    One or two out there seem to be abandoning their blogs in favour
    of daily tumbling.

    Re: Cameron... I wonder if you've seen certain hidden parts of him
    that most of us haven't seen. Neil seems to like him.
    Gotta admit that his mates can be a bit creepy, always sucking up
    to their leader.

    Sabbath... yes the 'Masters of Reality' was the first one I heard.
    Who can forget that cough followed by 'Sweet Leaf.'
    Reminds me of a visit to the Doctors (pants down and cough!)

  7. If he is a professional model, he is like any movie star, he is a create. He is as the professional make-over artist people make him, the model, to look like. The "real" guy is another matter in entire. REMEMBER Johnny Depp with his own bar for actors, and more, versus his various movie roles. TWO very different things, two VERY different acts. Jonny Depp is not a single minding man. Nothing unusual for people. Bill Gates of Microsoft actually does not originally "trust" the www internet. DUH ! He has another way of thinking off the obvious. O! Remember J E Hoover and the FBI ... two different thinks for a definite, each very definite but totally separate.

    1. Leo, Wasn't there some story a while ago that Johnny Depp was bashing his wife about. Kind of puts
      me right off of anyone. Looks like the press and media are trying to bury that story.

      So J.Edgar Hoover was the political and moral guardian of Washington. He had the dirt on everyone including several U.S. Presidents. No wonder he kept that top job for so long. And yet he was out every night in some restaurant with his boyfriend... how did he ever keep that quiet. And there was those little red dresses he liked to wear. J.Edgar must be the last person you'd ever want to see in wig, suspenders and a red dress.
      Yes, two different personas for the elite.

  8. I saw some snapshat, surprise, surprise, pix of his tattered, manky looking dick. Man I wouldn't blow it if he begged.

    I got the you are a despicable deviant, fuck off, email yesterday. Bye, Bye Blondtwinks, it was fun.
    I see the useless Swede has got his boring site back up, at least I can wind penisbreath up for the next month.

    Leo, look me up on Nik

    1. Nik, That link above to your tumblr doesn't quite work. It wants us to sign in to tumblr.
      Although my link to your tumblr in the Tumblr link list works okay.

      I guess I cant e-mail now that giggle has no doubt also taken away your g-mail address.
      Yes looks like Josh is back up, so sadly the war of words between 'Those Two' will resume
      no doubt. Don't know how Josh puts up with it.

  9. Yet another senior moment, try;

    that seems to work.

  10. I went for


    I just had a trawl through your Pride pix, you have some very good photos there as well as a few qts.

    1. Nik, Glad you got a gmail. I also had to get a new gmail after I got nuked. Now I can send you some pics of someone interesting for your tumblr.

      Yes, was fairly pleased with some of the Pride pics. Not always easy to pick out the cuties in such big crowded areas. Gotta use those eyes like a hawk.
      The relgios mutters corner was a bit of fun.