Wednesday, 5 July 2017

K-Pop Comes to London... Can You Contain the Excitement!

This Saturday (8th) for one day only, Korean culture and the K-Pop circus comes to
London. The only problem is that it clashes with Saturday's London Gay Pride.
It seems that quite a few people are getting a bit excited about the whole Korean
event which takes place at Olympia with special K-Pop performances in the
I think that just for a moment I found even myself getting a bit excited when I
discovered that K-Pop outfit Snuper will be performing at the event.
I only know about them because I've seen them on Arirang Korean tv which I
now get on SKY tv.

And someone who seems to be a lot more excited about Saturday is U.K/Korean
youtuber JamitBoi who cant wait to get to Olympia on Saturday as you can see
by watching his video below. Although I was slightly surprised that he was not
familiar with six piece outfit Snuper. Is he probably not aware that we can now
pick up Arirang tv on our SKY Satellite recievers now, with K-Pop shows on
virtually every day now.
He does have an extraordinary accent that seems to be all over the place.
But you've got to love his enthusiasm. And of course it was an event that I was planning
on doing this year until I discovered that it clashes with my long day out this
Saturday at London Gay Pride. And for the first time that I can remember
the weather forecasters are predicting a hot sunny day and possibly 28c to 30c.




Above:  Sebin and Suhyun from Snuper



  1. Found out Obama was at some Trans Continental conference with students. He did mention Shinne and the burgers. I'm sure his youngest daughter was the one who informed him. Shinne responded in kind and confirmed they do like In N Out Buggers. Now they have to do hundreds of sit-ups.

  2. Neil, Yes those buggers will have Jonghyun back in that gym in no time.

  3. I have a video about that on TokyoBoy

    1. Neil, Hilarious! That must be the gayest gym workout ever.
      I think they should do a follow up.
      I don't suppose it's on youtube.

    2. I searched around using their names. Kwon Tae Ho & Oh Kwan Woo It was very confusing. Don't know who is woo or kwan is kwo? Kwon Tae Ho; Previously known as: Kwon Hyuk did some Korean Drams and stunt work mixed with martial arts then hooked up with Kwan and started selling body building merchandise. Basically I haven't a clue. They all look alike. I don't know what one is witch? Hair color changes with the time of day. One day bulked up like an Steroidosauras. Next day a dried up cum bubble on a dead donkey's dick.