Sunday, 30 July 2017

Twin Delights!

Nice to see those popular Polish model twins Oskar and Kasper Grzelak.
I haven't posted up any images of them in quite a while.
So here they are once again in a picture spread with images by Seriusz Pawlak.

More images can be seen at THE POLISH MODELS BLOG.

The Twins Instagram

Oscar & Kasper @ ORANGE MODELS


Above: Oskar looking like The Queen of Sheba.
And below with Kasper.

Below: Oskar in a video editorial for Rain Magazine.
Video by Artur Cieslakowski
Photography by Jacek Szopik


  1. Did we once call that hairstyle a beatle cut?

  2. Andrew, I think they used to call them 'Mop Tops.'

    Oddly enough those hair styles are very popular now in South Korea
    looking at all the Korean Pop music shows that I now get on satellite tv.
    I'm sure you know how much I like boys with fringes.

    What a shame I just missed your 'Dreading Retirement' blog post.
    I would have commented about how my partner, who is much older than me,
    has excelled since taking early retirement. He was never happy in the workplace
    which always seemed odd to me. And now he is constantly happy... too happy sometimes,
    now that he finally has his freedom. It also allows him more time to pursue his many
    I guess I'm a little curious as to why you're dreading that great moment of freedom.

  3. I have never heard of them and their pale scrawny bodies leave me cold. I watched the video for about 30 seconds and wondered what is the point of it? It certainly can't be about selling clothing as you hardly see any of it. Each to his own I suppose but these models and designers who create the latest fashion, by that I mean clothing no one would be seen dead wearing, remind me of Douglas Adams' list of useless occupations like telephone sanitisers. - Ian

  4. How such uglies get popular is beyond my thinking ability [though such, for me, is slow and "challenged"]. BEATLES early hair cut is "bowl cut", an actual USA practice, a bowl over the head to guide mommy's scissors as they are clean after gutting the chickens for dinner and in use for hair cuts. OH ! YES ! That is very real. My mommy never guts chickens but does do try the bowl on the head hair cut. [Does so until we, uh, disagree.] How such ugliness becomes 2017 pop is not my ability to figure.