Sunday, 2 July 2017


All images via
Yuzuru Vietnamese Fans Facebook
and Yuzuru Taiwanese Fans Facebook
It looks like a big year ahead for top Figure Skater Yuzuru Hanyu.
Sadly I had to miss out on posting up his sensational comeback in
winning The World Championships in Helsinki back in March.
It was around that time that I was putting together this new blog.
But what a thrill it was to watch our hero on Eurosport depite their
sometimes appalling tv coverage over the Grand Prix Season.
Certainly U.K. Skating fans were left dumbfounded when Yuzu's Short
Programs were nowhere to be seen, due to some contractual issue. But we
were able to watch him in his Final Free Programs. And all sadly with no
explanation from Eurosport UK TV.

But for now Yuzu has been enjoying the more relaxed part of the year when
he can enjoy himself at the Ice Shows, the most recent one being Fantasy On Ice
which was held in Kobi Japan. And from looking at much of the online images
and feedback it looks like Yuzu has never been happier, even once saying 'I'm even
more happier than when I won my Olympic title. It's clear that he was the real
star at the Fantasy on Ice. It was him that they all wanted to see.
Also participating at that event was Javier Fernandez, Shoma Uno and legendary
Russian Skater Evgeny Plushenko.

And not that we want to rush away the rest of our Summer
but the real business for Yuzu begins in 4 months time for the
start of the 2017 Grand Prix Season (Oct/Dec 2017).
Following that Yuzu begins the defence of his Olympic title in
Pyeongchang in February next year with the climax of the Season
ending at The World Figure Skating Championships in Milan in March.


'We've done it again.'  Yuzu with Brian Orser after
winning The World Championships back in March.

Below: The current King of the Ice Yuzu meets up with legendary
Russian skater and former King of the Ice Evgeny Plushenko.
These are just a couple of images Evgeny posted up online where
for the first time we get to see those famous legs of Yuzu.
Apparently Yuzu has still managed to avoid the urge to open
a social network page. One imagines that must give him more
free time. And after all we do see lots of Yuzu on many of the
other skaters pages. They know that they can get lots of hits
with Yuzu on their twitter pages and instagrams. 

"Go away. He's all mine."

Above: Yuzu having fun at The Fantasy On Ice Show in Kobe.

Bottoms up!

Below is some interesting Yuzuru Fanart from a page
at DEVIANTART. Some of the images are a bit far fetched
while some are quite spectacular.

( The artists names are on each image ).


  1. I am sure you have failed to notice what a nice ass Yazuru has, as shown in the first photo.

  2. Andrew, It was for that very reason I posted that picture up at the top of the post. It's probably one of his best rear shots.
    I somehow resisted putting up a caption that would have said "Yuzu, showing off his best ass-ets!

  3. I'd like to see him in the nude, which is never going to happen, so I'll settle for a pair of speedos. - Ian

  4. Ian, By checking that Deviantart page I half expected to see an artistic nude of Yuzu. But it seems that no one has attempted to do one yet. I've always wanted to try one but am just too busy with everything else.
    When I did that painting of Verdi a while back (not sure if you remember that posting on B.H.) I spent three days solid working on it with breaks and sleep, and by forgetting everything going on around me I kind of got into the zone and it all worked out great in the end. When the Landlord saw it he wanted to buy it. I said 'No.'

    I don't even think that fake nude of Yuzu from earlier on this year really took off. I thought it was going to go viral.

  5. I'm afraid these three drawings of YH are third rate... But the foto of those thighs... One hardly knows where to begin...