Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Asian Skin Tones and Curves by MART



  1. Rather nice photos. Not every Asian guy comes with a bubble butt and the non bubble butts can be just as nice.

  2. Andrew, And its the bubble butts that accentuate those narrow waists.
    Nice models, but maybe not for the twinky Asian admirers.

  3. That's a good collection of men from a photographer I've never heard of. I usually avoid instagram images as so many of then are so small. The polaroids of the internet. Andrew is right about bubble butts and dee is too .. accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, dont mess with those misters in between. - Ian

  4. Ian, I couldn't help noticing that Mart puts up his photographic website address in many places, but I cant pick up anything from it. Has he perhaps become yet another photographer that only put out their entire works on Facebook and instagram?
    But yes, there's one or two that really caught my eye from the many pages on that instagram account.
    Ever noticed that instagram images cant be kept or saved by viewers and visitors. It means you have to look up their instagram via Pictaram or webstagram... where some fairly large images can be kept.

  5. I never have a problem with collecting those images you cant drag to the desktop. With my Apple iMac or laptop, I use Capture and my cursor to draw a line around the instagram image and "cut" it from the original, then save it on my desktop. Very useful. What I find very irritating now is on tumblr where I go to my usual link of Asian boys only to be told 'this site may contain sensitive media and that the safe mode is on.' I was expecting to click on a YES I want to see this button, like you have, only to learn I now have to log on to tumblr which I don't want to do as I know I'll be hounded til the end of time with their stupid messages and ads. - Ian

  6. PS Why are you publishing images of a naked Jane Birkin from Je t'aime moi non plus? This is a boys blog. - Ian

  7. Ian, You know how we've always done androgyny here and always
    You'd be surprised how popular those boyish girls and girly
    boys are when I check which images are being clicked on.
    Jane was stunning in that film and looked like the most beautiful
    boy in the world. Perhaps even a lesbian's fantasy. And anyone
    caught in the middle must have fallen madly in love with her.

    There's so many androgynous female models that look so boyishly
    hot that you'll see many posted up on gay blogs and tumblrs.
    Yet the owners of those tumblrs are not really aware of the
    deception, with models like Corinna Ingenleuf and so many others.

    Yes there has been some changes on tumblr. I think that one or two
    in the blog tumblr list are putting up those warnings to the point
    that many visitors cant view them.

    But don't be too anti women. I suspect that the whole Thai ladyboy
    culture doesn't interest you as it does with many farangs, being
    that you live out there.