Monday, 21 August 2017

Bruno.... Brazilian Beauty.

Here's yet another Brazilian beauty for our series of Latin models that seem to
feature here regularly. And these images of Bruno from Copocabana were
captured by Hudson Rennan.

(top image by Kaylee)

More images of Bruno can be seen on his INSTAGRAM pages.
And there's another nice photo feature with more images
by Hudson Rennan for WAY MODEL MANAGEMENT.

Below: Bruno by Kaylee.

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  1. Can not find Copocabana except as an odd variant of Copacabana, not a mere varient. Brazil is not Spanish but my search yields nothing but rentals and other odds. DO find WAY MODEL MANAGEMENT, Portuguese writing, and a wow of pictures. None X nor any even razor thin near such, of those find interesting enough to look into. Some whispies for sure [wish [to spy on, etc], because so cute, and, so, on]["handsome" is not "cute"][most are handsomes]. Thanks for the reference.