Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Catching up with Cameron

Nickelodeon and Disney favourite Cameron Boyce gives an interview
to Raw Online pages. Cameron talks about his hopes and dreams
as well as his favourite artists and major influences.

And not forgetting those famous freckles. They do seem to come
up in every Cameron interview.
His most recent tv work 'Descendants 2' premiered on U.S tv,
this Summer. So no doubt it will emerge on U.K tv fairly soon.

The pictures accompanying some videos are by Kai Z. Feng,
a photographer who seems to have gone quiet these last couple
of years.

More from the pages of Raw....HERE.



  1. He has better moves than Elvis. Pity he didn't turn around and shake that booty. And nice to see a teen enjoying life. - Ian

  2. Yes he does come across as a really happy and contented guy.
    I imagine that he's quite bubbly even in private.

  3. Honestly. do NOT understand any likike for this guy. Asa rape victim can understand, and this is a very mean thing to write. He seems to invite such violence. Freckles are nice as if nice but not him.