Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Curvaceous!... ALDO VINICIUS

What a beauty. And found at SALVAMIA TUMBLR.
Unfortunately as with many tumblrs, no name has been
given for this model.

Thankfully we've just found out that the model is Aldo Vinisius
at Joy Models. And the images are by Diego Rodrigues.

More images can be seen at

Below:  Aldo from a Picssr Photo Album


  1. Some curves, but also a few lumps and bumps. - Ian

  2. Don't look at those lumps and bumps for too long.
    I wonder though if the image is part of a series.

  3. That's much better. Curves are in, bumps are out. - Ian

    1. Ian, At least we now know who owns those curves and bumps.

      Just had to look around on tumblr.

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