Saturday, 12 August 2017

Grave Matters in Highgate!

Yesterday on Friday afternoon I made my way up to one of London's well known
landmarks, Highgate Cemetery. I've been meaning to visit there these last
couple of years as I've always wanted to do a big picture post for the blog.
These are just a taster of more pictures to come.

Highgate Cemetery is quite a fascinating place with grave sites of some very
famous names, some of which I'll be posting up. And even though yesterday was
a bright and sunny day there is the temptation to post up some of the images in
that dark and brooding manner as befits such a gothic setting.

Hopefully I'll have that post up soon.

1 comment:

  1. (1) --- Day time cemetary visits are more than merely common. NOTE: movie Night of the Living Dead [1968][George Romero] is day time, by the way {famous as a start in day-time despite the fact that the word “zombie” is never actually uttered in the movie. More importantly, it established all of the 'zombie' genre rules.} It also ends in daytime.
    (2) --- Figure the "famous" dead are as shiver making day or dark. The dead of the pyramids are not any more famous for the, uh, rain ?