Monday, 21 August 2017

Korean Tumblr Beauties

Here's some rather tasty looking images from an Asian tumblr that clearly
likes Korean guys. And going by the name of Korean Boys I Like, this particular
tumblr goes right back to May 2012. So yet another rare tumblr with a bit of
The top few images are of a rather hot and hunky looking Daewoo Lee who is
described as being an official fitness model of Asian photographer Sean Graphy.

Further down below are my pick of a few more Korean beauties from this tumblr.

For more pictures of Daewoo Lee visit his many images on his Webgram/Instagram.

More images from the Archives at KOREAN BOY I LIKE.
(Now added into my blog's tumblr link list).

Below are just a few more images from Korean Boy I Like.


  1. A fine figure of a man and probably string enough to sweep me off my feet, even as overweight as I am. I could probably manage to carry off the tall skinny boy in the blue briefs in the hope I didn't pull what used to be a muscle in the process. - Ian

  2. Ian, The boy in blue briefs looks like he might be quite tall.

    Notice how Daewoo looks almost normal in the top picture, normal as in no bulging vein popping
    oiled up muscles that Koreans seem to like so much. His body looks more appealing when in relaxed mode.

  3. I loathe the habit of bodybuilders spraying themselves with a fake tan. Hideous.
    At least Daewoo isn't the size of Schwarzenegger who Clive James once likened to a condom full of walnuts. - Ian

  4. Schwarzenegger starts out as a cute sweet guy, popular thereby on both ends, so to speak. As a body builder, such good looks makes better popularity. He makes body building his way out. He learns steroids and advertising and uses a good lookers way into the big deal world. Schwarzenegger has a family past full of active Nazi's of WW2 and there from, and he works his way out. In spite of what any thing like Clive James might say, Schwarzenegger makes millions off his steroidal smaller balls and is governor off his condom self full of walnuts. This writer likes not the Schwarzenegger, except the cute sweet youngster, but, growing up aint yours to decide for as.