Saturday, 19 August 2017

My First Gifs......Louis Mayhew

Well these gifs below are one's I actually managed to create myself. Having opened a Gif
account recently I made several gifs but was unable to send them to these pages.
Eventually I managed to work it out. And it certainly is like having a new toy. I think it
has also distracted me from getting on with some other posts I'm supposed to be putting
So for the first big gif post I've chosen one of my favourite models Louis Mayhew from
the video he did with Male Model Corp. Also it's a video with some great shots that are
asking to be giffed.
Now I need to get my teeth into some new videos that I can make something from.
Perhaps if I can find the youtube page for those Taiwan beauties at Bluemen and maybe
one featuring Keung if I can find him. There's one Asian model's video I'd like to track down.
His name is Fanta-sia at Bluemen, although not sure what his real name is.
But he'll do nicely.

Below: Lots more of the gorgeous Louis including the full video
by Male Model Corp.

For the most concise photo gallery of all of Louis's pictures
visit the famenfashion tumblr HERE.

Also check my first posting on Louis here titled...


  1. They are very good. I like the first one where he moves from model pout to wide smile.

    1. Andrew, I had to get at least one where he's smiling. But they are fun. Was playing around with some comedy clips. Ooh, gave me belly aches of laughing.

  2. Quite a good concept if the model has a sexy pout, smile etc. May I suggest you still provide a link to the stills at his modelling site. As for Keung, don't you have that My Boyfriend clip of him arriving home and preparing dinner for his BF? Also others on his facebook page. - Ian

  3. Yes I did a link to an entire 'Louis Gallery' in my previous post on him. It includes even the naughty pics of him as he doesn't seem to mind getting his kit off. I'll try and hunt down that gallery and add it in here. It's likely to be much more interesting than Louis's model portfolio gallery.

    Oh I did just re-check that Keung video you sent me. Yes there is quite a bit of gif potential as close ups are always required to make good gifs. Hopefully blogger wont have problems with them. Often those sexy kind of gifs seem more at home on tumblr. Need to add Keung's youtube channel into our Asian links here.
    Maybe try a Keung gif post before my up and coming holidays.

  4. Did you? I don't even remember a previous posting. Which shows what little impact he made on me. I'm terrible aren't I? - Ian

  5. Ian, Sorry to say but not very many white caucasian male models have much impact on you.
    You only have eyes for Asian boys.

    So you weren't that hot on that Taiwanese model I sent you???!!!

    Oh I dont think Keung does have his own youtube channel... or does he?
    Unless someone else filmed that video of him at home and posted it up
    on their own channel.
    It sounded like we were going to regularly see him at home with his b/f
    on youtube.