Saturday, 26 August 2017

Tumblr Temptation!

Here's a tumblr beauty I couldn't resist posting up. Doesn't
he just remind you of the boy from your Senior School, you know...
the one you always had a crush on. And in my case his name was
Eugene. And boy does he spookily look just like him.

And this beauty was discovered on Vera's Tumblr. And I
couldn't help noticing that Vera barely posted up anything
for almost a month. And I guessed that it had something to
do with the pull of tumblr, where as Vera said in a new
post titled 'What's Going On' ... how is it that on tumblr you
can get 1,500 likes/notes where as on the Blogger platform
you might get one or two comments if you're lucky.

Still, I don't think I'll be tempted to move to tumblr. The layout
here on blogger suits my kind of posts. And with tumblr you
just never know if your site will be taken down at any
given time. Also tumblrs seem slightly anonymous to me
where as one or two of my readers go back quite a few years.

But let's hope that Vera does continue with...

Haven't done much blogging myself this past week as my
downstairs neighbours are now away for a few weeks and so
I've been busy working and enjoying the use of the garden.
Although I'll have to give up the final week of the garden as
we're going away on holiday in just 2 weeks time.


  1. Luscious, and he looks like he knows two plus two makes four.

  2. Andrew, I'm sure he's a model. Hopefully more pictures of him will emerge soon.

  3. I didn't know Vera had a tumblr. The link is well hidden instead of being at the top of the page. Hope she keeps the blog going though. - Ian

  4. I didn't know about Vera's tumblr either until recently. Some nice pictures there though.
    Maybe it should be called Vera's Big Gay Tumblr. It was through Vera that I was able to
    tell other long lost readers of The Beauty Hunter that I was back here with this new blog.

  5. Verry Niice.

    His name is Vladi Glavatzki, he's Israeli, well he's with Brick an Israeli Model agency so I assume that's his nationality even tho assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups. I detect more than a touch of Slav in his DNA, I reckon.

    1. Thanks for that Nik, I see that its just this one image from his model page that the tumbles have taken to.
      Of course the star of Brick Models is the utterly spectacular YAM WOLCZAK. And the pictures he did for Cake Magazine by Asaf Einy must be the hottest teentastic pictures online right now. So hot that I won't dare post them up here what with giggles eyes watching.
      I suppose if I had a tumblr I'd post every one of those pics up.
      Check them out, only one or two of them feature in his Brick portfolio.

  6. --- May be the site controller of a tumblr site has the choice of the pictures to tell the all that there is. NEVER does this person EVER comment, that is, give a like, on a tumblr site. Many a non-tumblr site wants no more than some rating for each picture, period, 1, 2, 3, 4 star, click on, move along. Anonymity is there.
    --- LIKE.
    [--- Athlete looking model lacks a bump. It gives that insoucient look, as if he does not care. Sexy and might get some forceful attending to. Be insoucient then ! HUMPH ! Will not share this picture.]
    --- Even if you ignore these remarks, feel better writing them. If you want, you can delete them.