Monday, 4 September 2017


Here's an amazingly beautiful guy that looks like he's
about to flood the pages of tumblrs and blogs.
His name is Seth McBride and he recently got together
with photographer Donato Di Natale for these stunning
  It's not even clear if he has actually officially been signed
up as a model as there's no mention of any agencies
that accompany these pictures.
You can almost be sure that he is of mixed nationalities with
such smouldering looks. The credits also tell us that Seth did
his own make up for these images, and very nicely as well.
I particularly love that image below of Seth in full diva make up.
And very much in the mould of former Hollywood beauty Ava Gardner.

I would be a little shocked if these pictures by Donato don't attract
the attention of several model agencies. As it is I cant believe that
he isn't already a model.

For more of these images of Seth go visit the pages of...


Donato Di Natale Photography website
Below: Seth looking rather gorgeous in some images
from his INSTAGRAM pages.

Well we did say that he was handy in the make up department.


  1. Love the long, graceful neck and pouty mouth. Any body shots in instagram are not very good and don't reveal his true beauty. The one you selected Dee comes closest but I would like to see more of him wearing less. Nothing at all about this background on google. Hope to see more of him soon. - Ian

  2. Naughty Naughty is this body reacting to this guy's pictures. STOP trying ti be girly ! He is a MAN. A CUTE SWEET MAN. Unusually so. Am in naughty love with he as a him as such a ... or, as, in a kind of sort of such so a way of. OH ! Shut my mouth. Thanks to you for finding out this my naughtiness.