Friday, 1 September 2017

Twin Delights... Philip & Achilles


Oh well boys. You did your best. But trying to be Justin Bieber
clearly held you back. So if you do return then come up
with something original.
Had to laugh though at X Factor Judge Louie Walsh summing
up the boy's performance when he said that Pretty Boy Karma
make Jedward sound like Simon and Garfunkel.
Well that was a little far fetched.
And I couldn't help noticing that other X Factor judge
Nicole Scherzinger was clearly aroused by the boys, although
she was trying not to show it.

But good luck boys anyway. Just ignore the haters.
Maybe try out with a bit of modelling. We love those
hot bods!

Here's a hot young couple of twins that go by the names of Philip
and Achilles, and also known as Pretty Boy Karma.
It seems that any day now they just might explode into
the spotlight. Or they might just sink without trace. These
things do happen.
Apparently they are both due to appear on the new series
of The X Factor, although I'm not certain what they're going
to be doing. But one thing is for certain and that is that they'll
easily win over the X Factor by simply flashing those torsos.

I wonder if we're about to see the male version of The Cheeky
One of the boys does spookily look like the Biebs which is
a bit worrying. At times he even seems to be over imitating

These images of the 19 year old twins were taken by

once himself a blogger who regularly posted up
images of himself. Some bloggers might remember his

Photo shoot arranged through  DEAN STREET DESIGNS

Images also by Ed Aldridge

The new series of The X Factor begins tomorrow night
on Saturday 2nd September.

Update: Of course the X Factor is all about singing and so
that's what the twins will be doing. Although the boys weren't
on the opening episode nor did they show up on episode two.
But the X Factor producers did run a quick teaser at the
end of Saturday and Sunday's show. The teaser was called
'Coming Soon' on X Factor. And yes we did just briefly see
the twins dancing and lifting up their shirts. So who's to
know how many times they'll run that teaser at the end of
each show, just to keep you watching each week. T.V people
are very shrewd.
But when the contestants did each come into the audition
room to face Cowell and co, I couldn't help noticing that the
voices of the participants had been altered somewhat as if
their voice had already been recorded. Either that or it's a good
microphone with karaoke style echo feedback.

So with luck we might see the boys next Saturday (9th).


  1. One seems taller than the other, which would be helpful when using their names, but quite useless when they are alone.

  2. I imagine them to be the same height. Perhaps one is leaning slightly forward.

  3. Dee oh my They are both hotties!!