Sunday, 1 October 2017

Max & Tul on Attitude

Just a quick post here to fill up our opening page as my
holiday post is taking up most of this page.

And this short post features hot Thai actors Max and Tul
from this Summer's new Thai Series 'Together With Me.'
These images and video below are all part of the boy's
appearance in Thailand's Attitude Magazine which came
out last month. 

Max and Tul also appeared in last year's popular series
'Bad Romance.'
In the top picture Tul is on the left with Max on the right.
Although I must say that it's Max that I first had eyes for.
And yet some fans seem sure that they are a couple, being
that they are often together for the regular promotion
fan meetings when they are often egged on to kiss, something
they do so well in the actual drama.




Thanks to Ian for sending us a few more hot
pictures of Max and Tul.


  1. I haven't seen this one. It looks more interesting that the usual Thai BL TV series full of brainless twink schoolboys that are so slow moving plot wise they become very annoying. They make you want to start re-editing them to get a bit of pace. Stop looking at him with those doe eyes and kiss him for god's sake. You know he wants you to. As for the fans, it's all part of the act. Fans see what they want to see. Some of the poor little dears are still waiting for Mario and Pchy to get their act together 10 years even though one is straight and the other isn't. Sad! - Ian

  2. Ian, Like manufactured k-pop groups there does seem to be far too many of those Thai BL series. And when they all seem to wear those blue shorts and white school shirts it really is hard to seperate them. And we seem to live in a world (and even the U.S. is affected by it) where fifteen year old shoolboys are played by 19 and 20 year old actors.

    But Max and Tul are worth watching. I did watch the first few episodes. I do wonder I do wonder if 'Love Of Siam' with Mario and Pychy started the whole new genre in Thai entertainment culture. I wonder how Pychy is doing. Always loved him. But Mario is looking strangely big these days... perhaps not a gym bunny. He seems to be growing man boobs. Either that or he's only doing chest workouts. He has no body definition for someone of his young age (20 something) indicating a lack of interest in that department. I think it's his face that gets him on magazine covers.

    I did recently watch my current favourite BL series 'Advance Bravely' right up to episode 15. But I had to watch a copy filmed by a fan in a cinema. Amazingly I didn't mind as I enjoyed the fans reactions, especially the gay bits and when the two leading beauties are about to kiss. And yet still no kiss, the moment we're all waiting for. Yet I'm absolutely hooked to this drama.

  3. What I found out after browsing around the net, is that Together with Me is a prequel to Bad Romance and tells how the two boys in BR - Knock and Korn - got together. - Ian

  4. Ian, I didn't realize that the two dramas were connected. But me thinks that Max looked a bit more beefed up
    in the new drama. You can tell he's a gym bunny.