Sunday, 22 October 2017

More of Golden Boy Zander

More of Zander for Client Magazine
By Cameron McNee HERE.

Above: More of the gorgeous Zander Hodgson, an English model
who has made Los Angeles his home. He really is quite into
the whole American dream.
I love his English accent, something he has sensibly held on to.
Yet you could never imagine at first the image and the voice
coming from this same one person. But then that is, apart from
that great body, one of Zander's main attractions, that
beautiful voice.

Below: Zander in one of his most recent video vlogs takes us
around L.A for a typical day which includes a visit to a coffee
shop, a local Art Gallery and then off to the Grand Central

Above: More of Zander from a recent post HERE 

  Zander recently turned up in a controversial
gay scene in the U.S tv show 'Ray Donovan.
More on that story at QUEERTY.



  1. Hair segment was shorter than I expected. Clothing & accessories are generally considered to be vintage when they are at least 20 years old. In the last year or so, many upscale vintage clothing houses are considering clothing, especially designer pieces, to be vintage if they are 10 years or older. My closet could stock an entire LA boutique.

    1. Neil, That striped t-shirt has got that 1960's vibe. They do seem popular now. Looking at my
      'Flipper 1960's tv shows' that look was prevalent back then. Perhaps the stripes and colours
      give off a youthful look.
      I'm sure 'Flipper' was filmed around your parts in the Florida Keys.

      Your tumblr 'mutationsandinteractions' is looking hot with so many fine looking Asian guys.
      Perhaps we should call it 'MUTASIANS.'
      Haven't put up an Asian post since 'Tristan Vang.' Got no feedback on that one even after
      being asked to post him up??!!??

  2. Fabulous head hair and may I take scissors and a razor to some of his surplus other hair.

    1. Andrew, Of course I left out his other 'mane' attraction which is his spectacular hair.
      And in my previous post on him I saw that he had a generous amount of pubic hair teasingly showing
      at the top of his unbuttoned jeans, which was nice to see. I just don't get this whole bald crotch
      pre-pubescent look.

    2. Oh Andrew, It was seeing that Zander video recently that made me change my mind on
      having my own locks cut off. Might just keep them for my Console/Cabinet video.
      Hoping to show up in that video right at the end.