Thursday, 26 October 2017

Thursday 26th October

Above: New to the pages of 16 MEN late last year is French
beauty Ulysse Pilpoul.

More of his model portfolio can be seen @ 16 MEN HERE.


As you've probably guessed I've been distracted away from
my computer what with all the work I'm doing on my pet
project, my Console/Radiogram.
Yesterday I had to dash across town to Camden to get some
metal gold beading.
Interestingly as I have been dismantling the insides of the
cabinet, I've actually been able to use the doors, draws and
much of the panelling to help finish the project while observing
at the same time the craftsmanship that went into the original

While in Camden I couldn't resist a little walk around the
famous Market, even popping into a little Record Vinyl shop
where I picked up a Charlie Parker album as well as a
vintage 1950's Elvis LP. And yes they sounded good on the nearly
finished Console.
Apparently the owner of the Record shop is a keen enthusiast
of vintage Consoles. I said that I'd bring in a link to the video
of the one I'm building, next time I call in.

I've been watching quite a lot of  Youtube Console enthusiast's
videos. Some of them have given me extra little ideas.
So I'm hoping that the video I make very soon now will
finally bring my Youtube page to life.
But I won't rush the video. I want it to look good.

This was the first time I saw the original cabinet.
And the next day I called back in and bought it.
I think I paid around £50.
Here's a couple of Autumnal images from this time last year.
I posted them up on my previous blog.
I still can't get over the idea that with the press of a button, 7 years
of work was just flushed down the John by giggle.

Despite yesterday (Wednesday) being freakishly almost Spring like,
this Saturday officially marks the end of Summer and our Winter begins.

Above: Our sleeping beauty Keung


  1. Ulysse is a very HOT and HANDSOME young man Dee!! He is a work of beauty

  2. Hi Pete, I half thought you might like him. There is that Medusa hair thing going on again.
    Wouldn't it be nice to hear his French accent.

  3. He'll catch a chill like that. He needs someone beside him to keep him warm. - Ian