Thursday, 5 October 2017

Tristan Vang... Mixed Asian Beauty

Here's a hot mixed Asian beauty that goes by the name of Tristan Vang who does seem to
be popular with photographers right now. Not only is he a model but he also happens
to be a private fitness instructor. So if you can afford his fees and just happen to
live in his vicinity then lucky ol' you.

He describes himself as being Eurasian as he's part French part Vietnamese.

Thanks to our Asian talent spotter Ian who alerted me to this handsome creature.
And below is a short video by Hayle Lequevre from which I made these gifs below.
One can only hope this odd layout with it's green squares aren't flying about all over
the place. This never happened to Mondrian, but then he never worked in just single colours.

Below is Tristan's official website which includes details of his personal training
sessions along with an impressive picture gallery.


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