Friday, 27 October 2017

Why I'm Hooked to 'ADVANCE BRAVELY.'




Above is one of the official trailers for one of the hottest Chinese
web dramas 'Advance Bravely.' But sadly the trailer is coated
with so much macho crap because it's the one that the Chinese
producers want you to see when in fact it is really a gay
love story.

But one things for sure and that it has a stunning looking cast
lead by the amazing Gong Jun who singly handedly holds
the whole thing together.
He plays a young playboy ex Police officer with time 

on his hands who then goes on to join his admirer's bodyguard School.
Of course the two beautiful main actors are miscast but then
if they weren't in it would be watching this?

Above: Is this love at first sight? This was the scene in episode 1 at 17:30 seconds HERE
that had me hooked. I literally dropped everything in order
to search out every following episode.
It's the scene in the shop where our two leading actors first
meet. And it's clear to see that something is happening between
the younger Gong Jun (left) and the slightly older but just as
handsome Xu Feng (right).
And it's just after this scene that Xu Feng begins to seriously
stalk the younger Gong Jun. And it's here where viewers

are pulled right in and hooked.

This one amazing scene truly deserves a single youtube clip of
it's own but I haven't managed to find one yet.
When I first saw this short tender scene from popular Chinese drama 'Advance Bravely'
my faith in good movie making was finally rekindled. It literally knocked me for
six. This Asian drama is such a hot ticket that Chinese movie goers have been filming it off cinema
and tv screens in order for Western fans to get an eyeful of this superior drama.

In the scene above the older Xu Feng is trying to rouse the young Gong Jun from his sleep
so they can start training at the bodyguard School at which Xu Feng is the Commander.
And it's because of his respected position of authority that he is held back in
showing his true feelings for Gong Jun.
Very little is said in this extraordinary clip. They seem to be saying a lot with their
eyes. It truly is an amazing moment. It's as if the two are finally declaring their
feelings for each other without words.
It's been hailed as one of the favourite scenes by fans of this drama, with one youtube
fan declaring "Oh my God, they're having sex with their eyes."

The first time that I saw this clip it stirred up quite an emotional reaction
within me because I've been there before. And at the time I couldn't do anything
about it due to outside pressure. The perpetrator was a beautiful Danish boy that
I once worked with. He was openly out while I was not, at that given time.
And yet he knew in his heart like night follows day that I was interested in him.
He never did get to know how madly in love I was with him back then.
So it will be interesting to see how and when our leading actor Xu Feng gives in
to his true feelings for Gong Jun.  

Although there is meant to be around 35 episodes of this drama I've managed to watch right
up to episode 15 and yet amazingly the two boys still haven't kissed. It certainly
is being stretched out.
Naturally the Chinese authoroties are once again being difficult with this drama
just like they were with 'Addicted' and 'Heroin' which is why many scenes have been
cut here and there.

But the rest of the cast are beautiful and there's even moments of high campery.
And actually watching many of the episodes that were filmed in cinemas really
helped it along, especially when girls in the audience scream and howl with laughter
at the gay moments as well as some very clever comic moments.
One imagines that when our two leading actors do finally kiss then the cinema
audience will probably blow the theatre roof off.

Above: Xu Feng who was already a popular Chinese male model.

Below: Gong Jun.

It's all done with the eyes!

Above and below is the extraordinarily beautiful Liang Xue Feng
who plays the role of an untrustworthy and shady character.
Apparently he is a pop star in China.

You can see some of his scenes from Advance Bravely
put together nicely HERE.


  1. Dee you always post the best!! He is so... Words leave me!! Thank you

  2. Pete, Isn't he just! And what mesmerizing eyes he has.
    Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I must respectfully disagree. I watched a few episodes of this web series before it was taken down and enjoyed it for what it was, a BL soap. I could follow your lead and try to track down the bits and pieces of it that may turn up somewhere on the net, but I'd prefer to enjoy it the way the filmmakers intended, uncut with English subtitles and all 35 episodes available, and not from someone pointing a camera at a TV screen. Just now I saw what someone was claiming to be episode 15 - it wasn't - it was episodes 1-3. Maybe one day it will turn up somewhere in full - there was talk of it being shown in Taiwan but who knows? I hope it will but I'm not holding my breath. I feel sorrow for everyone involved in the production as their efforts have come to naught. - Ian

  4. Ian, You're belittling greatness. This is no ordinary run of the mill BL web drama.
    Naturally I'm disappointed in your summing up of this addictive drama.

    If I hadn't seen the episodes filmed in cinemas with the audiences's hilarious reactions then I would
    never have seen any of those extra episodes at all. And I know in time I'll probably get to see them
    properly all in good time.
    Gong Jun and Xu Feng are exceptional. It's hard not to take your eyes off of them. And we've yet to even
    properly see that cute scoundrel Liang Xu Feng.