Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Asian Calendar Guys.... As Hot as Mister June

Here's a hot Asian model that I've seen around online in this amazing
top image.
And wondering where it comes from I recently discovered that it
comes from a hot new Asian Calendar for 2018 featuring several other
Asian fitness models. And clearly it's Mister June the Lifeguard that
immediately grabbed my attention.
Surely the calendar is worth having if only just for him.

The video below plus a few images was also recently posted up
by SALVAMIA TUMBLR.  Naturally I couldn't resist making these
gifs below although he is only briefly in the behind the scenes photo
shoot video.

The new calendar is by Hodrmen and promotes some new lines in
Men's facial care creams.

More of the other Hodrmen calendar models can
be seen at HODRMEN.
And their Facebook Photo page can be found HERE.


  1. Oh yes Dee A very nice and hot June indeed

    1. Pete, He is exceptional. I'll be looking out for more of him.

  2. June is busting out all over. Ian

    1. I think he outshines all the others. I wonder if Bluemen do calendars. They should.

      Maybe it's cooler out there on The Gold Coast. Frank (Asian Coop) was saying that it's
      been unseasonably hot for mid November in Chiangmai.

  3. Thanks Neil But I was only given a few seconds to work with.

    Maybe you can answer the question in the top post as many of us
    have not been able to visit your tumblr over this last week.

  4. Didn't see the question. No matter...
    The nefarious Nanny Bot is a foot. Tumblr (aka Versions lap dog) once more says they are defending our personal freedom of expression by taking away more of our control. Welcome to America. Endless number of sex porn link pay sites litter tumblr. They don't patrol who joins. At one time we had a Report This Blog button. The Christian Righteous went out and tagged all the lgbtq. Everyone attacked the KKK. It was a mess. The nuke button was removed. The the NSFW option arrived. Self declare your smuttiness. All to protect the innocent viewer who mistakenly searched for "leather accessories for daddy" and found Carlos bent over a wooden rack with more than his eyes and mouth open wide. I flipped the switch. No shame here. Scarlet letter worn proudly. But not others. Many had viewers that, for some reason self declared their correct age and couldn't see porn. Youth these days. What has become of them? My posts still got tagged NSFW, with increased vigor I might add. Damn you Nanny Bot. Now Tumblr has removed the NSFW button from our dashboard. Gone to is the option of listing by search engines. Allowing google adcents tracking also removed. That's a direct stab at the pay for porn smut on tumblr. I have no idea what or how they are deciding who can see what? The result apparently is you can't see in. My best answer is to join tumblr and follow my blog. Just as you have had to do with Blogger. Google Chrome is the king beotch for viewing tumblr. Gif and videos play perfectly. Firefox fails. For me it's the reverse here. Chrome bombs on blogger. I can't post comments. Firefox I can. Mixed up world.

    1. Neil, Yes my question is there in the top latest post. In fact Nik has responded asking whats to do. Maybe you can help. No doubt you'll tell us that non tumblr owners will have to create tumblr accounts.

      Once again my question is there in the top post.

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