Saturday, 25 November 2017

Beatwin and Jungha

Just going through my tv recordings on my Sky HD receiver I began to wonder why
there was so little recording space left. Apparently I've been hogging on to lots of
recordings from the various K-Pop tv shows that I've been receiving over the last
So naturally I had to get rid of a some, keeping just a few. And looking back over lots
of the shows it kind of reminded me of some of the better groups and individuals
that really caught my eye.
And watching shows like 'Simply K-Pop' is as I previously said is like watching a
moving conveyor belt of  sheer beauty. After all, most average young Korean males
are quite simply outstandingly attractive. And one's that have been picked out to
represent the endless supply of k-pop boy bands can be exceptionally good looking.
And quite often in a group set up you'll get one member that seems to outshine the
rest of the boys.
And in the case of five member group BEATWIN it's clearly going to be Jungha (below)
who's full name is Hwang Jungha. Apparently he is well known for having quite
a deep speaking voice. Very nice if that's your thing.

I only know the group from seeing them on Arirang tv as a five member group
but an update on Wikipedia is claiming that they are now only a three member
outfit, naming only Sunhyeok, Youngjo and Jungha.

At the bottom of the post you can see a video performance of Beatwin performing,
or could it be miming , to their quite catchy hit 'Broken.' And once again as it often
happens in the K-Pop world, our fan cam concert goer has only eyes for Jungha,
following his every action and move. And why not. I imagine I would do the same thing.
I've seen it happen with lots of other k-pop outfits. In fact I posted one up before of
a Shinee concert video where we only got to see close ups of group leader Jonghyun
while Taemin and the rest of the boys were completely ignored.

And yet by watching these tv shows like 'Simply K-Pop'  'Pops in Seoul'
(on each day), 'Showbiz Korea' and 'The After School Club' I find that the whole
K-Pop culture throws up a lot of unanswered questions like why does K-Pop steal
so much from Black culture with every song injected with Rap and R&B, something
that only Black artists are the rightful owners and champions off. After all,
what do these middle class well educated Armani suited pampered boys
know about the real struggles in life.
I love watching the boys on those K-Pop shows but I just find this aspect of
their pop culture embarrassing at times, even more so when we see all those
physical gesticulations, all pretending to be a Kanye West or a Jay Z.
You do wonder if this is the reason why K-Pop as a whole is still struggling to
make it really big in the West.
Why is it that Korean Pop cannot come up with it's own individual stylized
interpretation of youth Pop culture?
Maybe I'm just putting certain artists into their individual music categories.
Perhaps we should all be able to play and perform any genre of music that we
After all, one of the greatest living Black artists, Jimi Hendrix, never actually
performed Black music. He solely adopted White heavy Rock music just like Lenny
Kravitz and the sadly missed Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy.

Anyway, below are a couple of BEATWINS  info online pages.




Above and below: Star attraction from BEATWIN


Above: Jungha from earlier on this year when he seemingly
emerged overnight with shoulder length hair (Video here)
and then reappeared with his normal shorter hair
a few weeks later.

Not to be outshone by Jungha, below here are a few gifs of
Beatwin member Youngjo, quite clearly the fittest member.
Apparently he was once a gymnast.


Below: Youngjo ab-flashing.

Below: BEATWIN perform 'Broken' but all eyes will be on Jungha.


  1. I assume if the fans didn't like the rap imitations, they wouldn't do it. After all, money talks and there's only so far you can go with the cuteness factor. Maybe the don't develop their own style as most K-Pop boy bands are manufactured and their producers have neither the time nor the inclination t experiment. If it sells, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. - Ian

  2. Ian, ah you did get here eventually.
    Yes I just don't get the whole black culture theft business.
    I notice that some of the (classically trained) groups and singers don't go in for all that.

    We saw a group on last weeks "Simply K pop" TV show, I think they were called Jelly, well they said that they had just returned to performing after a 2 and a half year hiatus!
    So where the friggin heck do they go to in all that time.
    I assume that during all that time that they are released from their factory imprisonment.