Saturday, 18 November 2017

Ben by Mark Leon

Here's an eye catching model that I haven't heard about since posting up these
extraordinary images a year ago on my previous blog. Ben Cheetham was
captured in these wonderful images by Mark Leon for Dust Magazine.

And what suddenly brought Ben to my attention was that the photographer
recently posted up an outtake (above)  from that editorial on his INSTAGRAM.

But looking up Ben on the pages of Storm Models seems fruitless as he may
have discontinued any modelling activity with his previous agency.
But his old page from Storm can be found HERE.

Ben clearly hasn't yet given up modelling as he can be seen on the fashion
instagram pages of Unisex Clothing PINK&BLU

More images by Mark Leon for Dust Magazine can be
found on the pages of VANITY TEEN.



  1. Thanks Dee for another great post!! Ben is so cute and hot!! I love his face and hair! Of course the rest of him is not too bad!! LOL

    1. Pete, I was sure that you'd like him. He certainly has got the looks and is sure to break hearts.

  2. His face reminds me to an American actress!!

    1. Martin, It probably does although I can't think of who though.

  3. Oh yes, I watch many American series: He looks like a son from Julianna Marguilies...beautiful woman in the series The good wife, though she played before in E.R.In the good wife she has also good looking kids (Makenzie Vega and Graham Phillips)