Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Cole Flaunts it!

Isn't Cole Sprouse looking devilishly handsome in these images
by Justin Campbell which were taken last July for Flaunt Magazine.
I see that he is still sporting that unusual jet black dyed hair
and probably can't wait to get back to his natural blonde hair.
But then it's all for art and drama as the dark locks are
required for his tv role as Jughead in Riverdale.

More pictures at Flaunt Magazine can be found HEREwhere
Cole can be seen in some rather exclusive fashion lines.


  1. Very handsome indeed, and all rugged up for winter.

  2. Andrew, And probably shot during the Summer. That's fashion.

  3. A pity he didn't play the gay character in Riverdale. That would be fun. Here's a question - don young people still read magazines like Flaunt? - Ian

  4. Odd that we haven't seen Riverdale over here yet, at least not the main Sky tv.

    Do they read Flaunt? Maybe if it has some in depth revealing info on their favourites.
    But strange that hard copies of many magazines have vanished.