Saturday, 4 November 2017

More of Tom Taylor and Doctor Foster

Above: Tom Taylor in Doctor Foster

Above: Tom Taylor for Statusmagonline by Jack Alexander.
Full story plus interview and more pictures HERE.

Well I had to down tools the other evening and try and catch up
with some tv recordings. Of course these things never happened when
I was growing up before the digital age. But now we seem to be
spoilt with so much on tv. And with so many different things to
get on with I try to avoid tv watching becoming the dominant
activity in my home every evening. And besides we all know how
unhealthy it must be to spend hours each evening sitting in front of
the goggle box. They say it's also detrimental to a good night's sleep.

Now tv dramas about bickering middle aged married couples is not
normally my thing, but the BBC's recent Autumn drama Doctor Foster
quite clearly grabbed my attention.

And so yes I was quite impressed with the closing climatic episodes.
Obviously I'm not going to give anything away and spoil it for
others waiting to see it, but I was impressed with Suranne Jones
who takes the leading role as Doctor Foster. And of course there's the
impressive young Tom Taylor who plays the teenage son who is
caught in the middle of two warring exes.

It's unclear if the BBC are going for a third series. Apparently it's
down to whether the creator and writer Mike Bartlett can come up
with a good story.

Of course Suranne Jones is mostly known for her role as Karen
McDonald in top British tv soap Coronation Street, but apparently
she quit her role as far back as 2004 and has really moved on to
better things.

There's an interesting interview with her at The Daily Mirror

And young Tom Taylor is revelling in all the sudden attention.
Here's his INSTAGRAM.

Above and below are just a few stills from the climatic
moments of Doctor Foster.
Above: Bertie Carvel as husband Simon.

Above: Tom Taylor.


  1. Thanks for the post Dee Young Tom is a very hot and handsome young man!! Hope to see more of him

  2. Pete, I remember you saying how you liked Tom.

    Yes he was quite good in this drama. Hopefully you
    might get to see it in your parts very soon.

  3. Seen an episode...very good series!! I mean it :good acting en good storyline! Great!

    1. Martin, Glad you're enjoying it. Hopefully you'll be able to see the rest of it.