Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Occasionally I like to dip into my Asian blog links at the side of this
page. And one site I like to check is the excellent TwoLife Photography
tumblr, although sadly it hasn't been very active since September of
this year. 
But one things for sure Twolife has been one of my favourite sites which
feature some very hot looking Asian guys. I'm sure that they've got another
website buried away somewhere at Weibo, but for now their tumblr is a good
You might recognize  a few images below. Some of them have become iconic
and would easily feature in a collection of my all time favourite Asian images.
It's odd but sometimes I come across Asian guy tumblrs where most of the
images are posted up in black & white which to me defeats the object of showing
these spectacular guys in all their glory as it's those glorious skin tones that
does it for me.
And of course it's the smooth hair free bodies that draws many Asian admirers in.

For more images from their tumblr visit....




  1. Excellent photography as usual from Two Life. Some of the best models I've seen on any Asian blog. My files show the first few TL images I collected featured a sweet couple being affectionate with one of the boys having an erection. Nothing remotely pornographic but sadly, scenes like that were never repeated. Don't want to upset the Victorian prudes at tumblr. - Ian

  2. Ian, Yes the 'Erection Couple' (and a rather big one at that) I suppose are the most well known TwoLife models.
    It would be fun to post them up here, but I want to at least make it to the end of this year with this blog.
    Odd that some of London's naughtiest Statues were actually erected in those so called prudish Victorian days.

    I love the second model down... the one by the kitchen counter. Even in glasses he looks strangely appealing.
    And the guy at the top in Baseball gear looks hot. They should have done some naked pitching shots. That would have
    been hot!
    But yes, TL are right up there with Timothy's Photos and Blue Men in Taiwan.

  3. Skin colour as you describe and hairless work well for me. His nice nipples are a bonus.

  4. Andrew, Oh yes skin colours are so important. For me, the darker the better. But a nice brown golden shade is the best.