Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Yet Even More of Golden Boy Zander

Above and below is yet more of the amazing Zander Hodgson. And I managed to
make a few gifs from a new video of his that he just put up on his Youtube page.
It's here that we see Zander taking a little trip out to Runyon Canyon which
overlooks Los Angeles. And might that be his companion Troy filming it all,

and who appears to be morphing into a Zander lookalike.

I do find it odd that when looking over the gorgeous Zander's instagram and
Youtube page that so many questions are geared towards the on going mystery
as to whether he and Troy are a couple. And I just wonder if those same questions
are from 'Straight' fans and followers. After all sensible gay people always know
what is what!
 There just seems to be so many things to like about Zander. There's the fit body,
that gorgeous blond hair that you want to run your hands through. And then
there's that strange but charming and captivating voice of his.
And I see that Zander is still holding top position in the blog's most popular post
with my first posting on him,  followed closely with my second posting.

For more of Zander visit his INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE page.


  1. Thanks Dee!! OMG Zander Is so HOT His voice is so cute!! I think he and Troy are a couple!! But I would love to give Troy a run for his money!! Zander makes my heart melt!! Thank you for posting!!

  2. Pete, Yes he sure melts hearts, mine as well. I love his voice, it's so appealing. Would love a recorded wake up alarm clock call from him each morning... how would it go? "Common Dee, get out of bed before I climb in there with you." Haha!