Friday, 1 December 2017

Asian Hunting on SHES LIFE

It's always interesting gathering new sources of Asian model imagary.
And the pages of SHES.LIFE seems to have gathered some popular as well
as familiar images from around the web and all nicely tucked away in

I particularly like these top images which features two hot models from one of
the best recent Asian location photo shoots. I'm not sure who the photographer is
responsible for the images, but the pages on Shes.Life tell us that they are Book Lc
and Theeranan Tuanyee Jaikham.

Below: Thai fitness model Palm Prawinnawat

Below: The very eyecatching James Wong.

James Wong

Below: Handsome sportsman Yilan Atayal Boy Xiang.

Below: Images from a Japanese Festival.


  1. I have many of these guys already, but from other sources. I hadn't heard of ShesLife.
    I wonder if that couple are a real couple? Eye candy in any event. Ian.

  2. Ian, Yes I realize that most of these images are quite familiar to most.
    i thought they were worth putting up. Usually any Asian pics seem to ignite
    lots of interest on the blog statistics.

    Of course new ones require a much longer time online to hunt down. But I always
    get nervous putting up any new Bluemen pics. They don't like it.

  3. When I saw the full downloaded issues of Bluemen on my friend's device, it did contain a warning not to reproduce these without permission. Not that stops anyone these days. The thinking seems to be 'everything is in the public domain, therefor I can do what I like'. You must be one of the few who does the right thing.- Ian

  4. Ian, I remember seeing that warning. I think I kept it. Keep meaning to send it to you. A mystery why the photographer wants us to see all his wonderful young men of Taiwan, but not happy about us reposting them. And maybe I'm right in that they're not interested in any sales outside of Taiwan.
    Still it sounds like you finally got your share of some uncensored filth and smut down under, what with all that rediculous censorship in Thailand.