Monday, 11 December 2017

Exotic Asian Beauty

Here's an interesting not to mention exotic and beautiful
Asian model by the name of Dinh Xuan Hieu.
And these top images by Ocean Photography all came from
an excellent tumblr by the name of  AZN INSTABOYS posted
on the 3rd November.

Further down below are a few more images by Na Thao Pham.
But the mystery with Dinh Xuan is that unless he has two names
I saw a big posting on him by LIU WIND at CHUA513 Blog,

but under a different name that of Akiro Orteza Gammuac,
if it is in fact the same person. (image below). Maybe Akiro
and Dinh Xuan are in fact two different people. They certainly
look very much alike.

Below: More of those images of Dinh Xuan Hieu


  1. Two different people. The mains photos are of Dinh Xuan Hieu who is Vietnamese. The other image is of Akiro Orteza who is Filipino perhaps with a mix of Japanese, hence the Japanese Spanish names. I have some images of Akiro as a skinny guy with short hair, so he must have built himself up and now has a long hair trademark. Both appealing in their own way. - Ian

  2. Ian, Yes it was all a bit of a mystery but eventually I went ahead with the post.
    Odd that the Filipino one who now lives in Canada changed his name to Akiro, even more confusing as that's a Japanese name. He said that he wanted to sound more exotic.
    But my, do they look alike.

  3. Not sure what his original name is. Many Filipinos are part Japanese or part Spanish. Models changing their names is nothing new. Bluemen models drive me crazy when they do it. - Ian