Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Farewell Jonghyun

I can hardly believe today's shock news that K-Pop superstar and frontman of Shinee
has been found dead. He was only 27. Of course I expected there to be news that the
death may have been due to the relentless pressure forced on k pop artists with
their punishing schedules. And it looks like I wasn't wrong. And in some very
late up to date news Jonghyun's Sister claims that it was in fact suicide after
she received a phone text to say he was ending it all. And the cause of death was
carbon monoxide poisoning.

The news has rocked the k pop world. But will it change anything? And yet when
you watch the k pop tv shows here in the UK on Arirang TV (Sky 690) they seem to
be churning out new pop outfits by the week. How can you keep up with all that.
I just saw a new group on this week's edition of Pops in Seoul and there was eleven
members in the group. But why so many? I believe they were called The Boyz.

But I had absolutely no interest in them. To me they just represented the greed
and hunger by those evil k pop moguls.

Now the pressure must be on Shinee's Taemin who right now must be in a state
of shock as well as anger at the relentless k pop machine. Will he perhaps quit
Shinee for his own sanity there by forcing the rest of the band to shut down?
The executives and pop moguls that work in the k pop machine must be very
unpopular right now.

Jonghyun has been my number one favourite  k pop artist and I'll miss seeing
him online. I just wonder if Shinee can go on now after this huge setback.

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  1. Very sad news indeed. Who knows what pressure he was under, personally and professionally, but I can't help wondering if at 27, he felt his life was not his own. His final message Tell me I did well, is heartbreaking. You are right about the totalitarian control management had over these youngsters, and remember, most of them are just teenagers when they start out full of hopes and dreams which are ruthlessly crushed. Slavery is a word I'd use. Let's see if anything changes. I hope so but I expect greed will win out. - Ian

    1. Ian, I would have thought that with Shinee being at the top of the ladder and commanding such popularity and dominance of the k pop market that they would have had more freedom with less pressure thrust upon them. I was clearly wrong. It clearly effects everyone caught up in the k pop factory.

      I watch some of those k pop tv shows on Arirang because those boys that turn up look out of this world. I see nothing like them walking around the streets of London.
      Interestingly Shinee hardly ever appeared on any of the tv shows I get to see. The shows are mainly for the novices and new struggling groups on the low end of the pop ladder. But we did see Taemin (Shinee) turn up as a single performing artist on 'Simply K Pop' tv show a few weeks ago. It was like Royalty visiting the tv studios.
      He's come through so much in his life including being bullied at School. He must be in a terrible state right now.

      But I think you know well some of the crazy stories about the tough restrictions the boys face, and all for the price of fame.

  2. That is beyond sad.

    R.I.P. Jonghyun

    1. Nik, Yes, and hard to take in.

      I remember a few years back when Shinee made a flying visit to London. And one morning they visited the famous Abbey Road Recording Studios, with the boys making that customary zebra crossing walk. Of course I only found out about it days after. Was I annoyed??!! But then I later found out that Jonghyun was sick in bed with a cold in his London hotel. So he wasn't even there. A bit of a relief!

      But such sad news for his family and his fans.

  3. Very sad to hear. Interesting that is being reported by the BBC online.

    1. Andrew, Yes very sad seeing as he was my favourite. Is it worth the rest of the band going on.
      Hope they wont be forced to.

      Yes you're right it is on the BBC online pages but sadly they didn't deem it important enough
      to put it up on tonight's BBC tv news.