Friday, 15 December 2017

French Beauty Paul Manniez

Above and below is French beauty from Paris, Paul Manniez
who recently appeared in a photo editorial for RAIN Online
Magazine with photography by Matthieu Dortomb.
Appearing alongside Paul is William Emult and Thomas

19 year old Paul is clearly the eye catching one and stands
out in these images. So naturally I was keen to look him up
in some other images.

More can be seen below.


Above and below: Paul Manniez by Mark Kean
for Self Service Magazine

Above: OMG... just stunning! And the stylist even gave
him a Sixties Mod hair style.
Below: More of Paul from his various portfolio images
Above images by Charlotte Lapalus


  1. He is ok, but I like the young men to look like they will age well, and I'm afraid I cannot see it in Paul.

  2. Andrew, I've seen him smokin the ol' cancer sticks in several pictures of his. I guess that predetermines the early loss of those youthful looks of his.
    Take Gold Coast beauty Jordan Barrett. He wont go near a gym, he parties like there's no tomorrow and he smokes like a chimney, even during photo shoots. A real hedonistic lifestyle. I bet we wont even recognize him in 20 years.
    I don't understand that mentality... living for the day.

    Men can still be beautiful at 50 if they were to give up smoking and drinking and bad lifestyle. The proof is out there.

  3. I've seen a few non modelling images of Jordan and he looks a right mess. In a couple of them, he looks old. Not good at all and a far cry from when he was 16. But 21 year olds are indestructible aren't they? And of course the harsh Australian sun won't help either. But he will probably get away with it for a while, thanks to image retouching. Then image reconstruction. - Ian

  4. Ian, He does seem to be revelling in his looks while he has them, but seemingly without a care for his future.
    Couldn't quite understand the caption for his latest instagram posting (in my links). Interesting that someone said
    that a lot of his captions make no sense.

    But you'd be surprised how many images there are of him smoking in his fashion shoot shots. I notice that for someone so
    boyishly youthful, he has a full chest of hair growth. This must annoyingly need regularly shaving.
    Oh and he's a local boy from your parts.