Sunday, 17 December 2017

Jacob.... Ivory Keys and Collar Bones and Youtube Lock Out!

Nice to see the multi talented Grammy Award winner Jacob Collier turning up
in this video for Keyscope Piano Keyboards. But what's that little off the shoulder
number that he's almost wearing?
Now 23 and with his first album behind him, he barely looks any different from
the young 18 year old novice I first saw performing in one of our local Parks for
the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations back in 2012.

To keep up to date with Jacob's current activities check out his online pages.




I seem to be stuck in some sort of digital limbo. It looks like my laptop is being
locked out of Youtube. In fact I cant get to a single youtube video and my personal
Youtube page looks all corrupted, just showing small thumbnails running down
the left side of the page.
I only managed to post the above video by using my old slow spare back up laptop which
doesn't seem affected in any way.
Of course this is an awkward time for this to happen as I was about to start working
on my final end of year post as I often do just before each Christmas. And it
involved the use of Youtube as I wanted to make a short video titled Christmas
At Home.
Looking up what might be causing the problem it might be that Adblock has homed
in on my youtube and or laptop. Not only that but my phone which I use to make
the videos won't let me in to my Youtube app saying that my Google Play Store
first needs updating, which of course it wont, only indicating error code 920.

I a waiting for my partner to come over and look into it but I don't have much
hope. Nowhere in my laptop can I see where Adblock is hiding where apparently
there is a straight forward option to remove it, if it is that that's causing the
The instructions to remove Adblock are...Go to Tools Menu then Extensions where
it's supposed to be. But I don't see it anywhere.

Anyway if the problem can't be solved in the next few days then my signing off
post this week will just be a one picture post and that will be it for this year.


  1. Ever try to delete your facebook page? I had one once before I moved to Thailand and decided to get rid of it. I didn't want to be hounded to my grave with all their crap. Never found the delete button, so I guess its still sitting there in the Twilight Zone, unloved and unwanted.
    Nice collarbone. - Ian

  2. Ian, I assume that one can delete an entire Facebook account. Maybe not, so digital evidence will be out there forever.
    At least with Google, when you've had enough of them, you can delete the whole account.
    Reminds me of all those inactive blogs out there. We know there's an option for the owner to delete them, but some cant
    even be bothered.

    Oh the lovely Jacob. I guess he's familiar with the phrase 'Sex sells.'

  3. Jacob Collier, oh yes, just knock this little ditty out, it's easy! (For HIM!) So beautiful, his talent is so huge, and I loved the way this was filmed, showing his strong fingers, his face, the piano, all very wonderful.

    I wish I had any advice at all regarding your YouTube woes. Are you sure your laptop is clean of any viruses or other nasty bugs? It's horrifying to think that you are somehow being specifically blocked out, but I would assume that if that were intentional for some reason, the blockage would be accompanied by a message. Since both your laptop and your phone are having access trouble, I would think it goes back to your Internet service or the WiFi, not the specific devices, themselves.

    I, myself, have suddenly had a ton of trouble with iTunes and my new iPod touch (I completely filled up my original iPod with thousand and thousands of songs). Half the time, now, I can't get any music transferred onto the iPod without having to get help from Apple's chat line. It's hard to get them to understand what my problem is, but the advice they keep giving that does get the system to work for a while is always update the latests software updates, on both iTunes and the iPod. Of course, they update something about every two days. Also, one Chat helper said that Apple would actually love to get rid of people having music on their own devices--they want you to you get everything from their streaming music service which, of course, costs, plus that's now how I want to get my music. Sometimes Apple destroys as much as they create, such as they worked to kill the DVD and all but succeeded.

    I hope you find success regarding getting onto YouTube again, IN TIME for your Christmas post!

  4. All know here is that GOOGLE runs YOUTUBE and does not allow copy but the view (except by way of copy programs). JACOB COLLIER is not new so he may learn to be part of any cover up. So to speak. Sweet + Cute does not equal honest does not equal ... ?