Saturday, 7 April 2018

Leone Pietrantonio and Catching Up!

Below: V Man and D Management model Leone Pietrantonio appears
in FY editorial 'A Golden Heart Never Rests' by photographer
Attilio Cusani.

More of Leone on his portfolio page @ D MANAGEMENT


While I was on the pages of FY Online I came across this rather chavtastic editorial
for a recent new range of Jeans called The Lost Boys Collection by Minus Two.
The black and blue jeans have printed text on them that reads 'Lust Will Bring Us Together'
as well as 'Love Will Tear Us Apart.'

More can be seen at FY ONLINE.

Well that was a fun week with yet another dose of food
poisoning, although admittedly just 4 weeks ago it was
a case of gut poisoning by accidentally swallowing mucous
one night while sleeping.
These incidents of gut poisoning really knock me for six and
it'll often keep me in bed for 3 days before the first pangs of
recovery. Thankfully it cleared up in time for my Birthday
yesterday on Friday.  


  1. What a difference hair can make.

    1. I think I'll cancel my traditional Summer haircut!