Sunday, 29 April 2018

Quentin's French Impressions

Throughout most of his work, French photographer Quentin de Ladelune concentrates
mainly on producing pictures for fashion shows and all things that go on
behind the catwalk scene. But on the odd occasions when he commits himself
to studio photo shoots then the results are really astounding as you can see
from these images.
And looking at some of them it's as though they came right out of the
great Renaissance period. Perhaps there's a touch of Caravaggio about them.
 More images by this French photographer can be seen at his main website below.

Top image via Fantasist tumblr
Images below via Quentin's Buzzsta Page
Official Instagram Page

Below left is Antoine @ 16 Mens Models Paris.

Not sure who the model on the right is but doesn't
he look like the young Lord Byron in a  frivolous moment.

Above: Sacha Medina


  1. Yes, I see the "Caravaggio" and the "Lord Byron", a nostalgia for a more classic look. I like that look!

  2. Tom, He should do more studio photo shoots. One can only look at so many catwalk images.
    I thought I'd add in the grapes and wine to give it a touch of baroque.

    I trust that you had a great Spring Cruise holiday and that you got my last e-mail reply.

  3. Much more interesting that the pouting, sulky fashion models we usually see. - Ian

  4. Ian, They're certainly different looking. It can't be easy when looking
    for inspiration and ideas at the start of a photo shoot.