Sunday, 22 April 2018

Zander Comes Out!

What a relief to see that Golden Boy Zander Hodgson, one of our favourites here
has finally decided to come out as gay, as if we didn't actually already know.
Describing how being in the closet was in his own words, like imprisonment.
Perhaps it will now put an end to the constant prying and the never ending
questions on his instagram.

It's amazing that still in 2018 being gay is seen as some huge abnormality by
narrow minded people that also see it as some kind of character flaw.
In Zander's latest video he took a swipe at Hollywood's current dislike for hiring
aspiring actors that just happen to be gay, saying also that the Studios seem to
prefer hiring straight hetero actors to play gay roles, which seems odd to me.

It's just a shame that there are still so many people out there in the public eye and
entertainment world that fear coming out believing that it might damage their careers.
So good luck to Zander in 2018. Something tells me that despite his frustrations
within the acting community, life is going to get a lot better for him now.
And any guy fortunate enough to bag this hunk of a blond beauty must count
themselves as very lucky.

Zander's INSTAGRAM    &     YOUTUBE
Below: Zander by Gabe Ayala as featured in an earlier post
on Chrysalism HERE.

Below: Zander with the love of his life Troy Pes.


  1. Hollywood wants bankable stars playing gay roles. I think the claims by many that gay actors should be hired to play gay roles is ridiculous. Get the best actor available. Its possible some gay actors don't get cast because they aren't very good. Rupert Everett has been whining for years he doesn't get roles because he's gay. I happen to think he is a lousy actor. On the other hand, should gay actors be forbidden from playing straight roles. Of course not. - Ian

    1. Ian, I'm not sure that I'd want to see a gay actor playing a straight role. Hasn't Elton John along with Bernie Taupin made a financial killing by producing hetero songs for the past 40 years... perhaps a similar situation.
      But then Sir John (I got caught cottaging) Guilgud did a grand job on those classic Shakespearean roles. Loved him in Peter Greenaway's 'Prospero's Books, Greenaway's version of The Tempest.
      Geilgud's closing out speech "We are such stuff as dreams are made on...." is utterly mesmerising. I need to buy that film.

      Yes some straight actors did wonderful jobs playing gay parts. John Hurt did a great job on the role of Quentin Crisp. And I see that Darren Criss (straight) took on the role of Versace's killer in a new tv drama, while Ricky Martin (gay) had a minor role as Versace's boyfriend.

      Perhaps Zander's frustrations along with many other gay actors is that they don't come across as gay and act straight but still find it hard to get picked by Directors.

      I heard that they're making an all (gay) male version of 80's tv comedy 'The Golden Girls.' I wonder how many of the actors will be straight. But I wonder if Hollywood is weary of screaming queen type actors. I just find that they give gays a bad name and straights must think that we're all like that. And yet I strangely found the likes of John Inman and Larry Grayson hilarious to watch. Yes they were outrageous without being smutty and overt.

      You say Hollywood wants bankable stars. Trust me, Hollywood'd dead. You might get one or two good movies a year these days. It's had it's best days. Even more reason not to increase my Sky tv bill by adding on a Sky Movies subscription. New films just don't do it for me. And all the great movies that they do show on Sky Classic Movies, I've got.
      Probably the better movies these days come from outside The U.S... places like Europe and Asia.

      Oh Zander does have a boyfriend as we all knew. Those Youtubes he did with Troy Pes was the clue that gave the secret away.

  2. Interesting point by Ian. Zander is nice enough looking and has good style, but looks rather 'heavy' to me.

    1. Andrew, We can only hope that the bulking up doesn't continue for much longer. But his voice
      and accent is a big draw for me.

  3. Taron Egerton, he of the Kingsman spy spoofs, is likely to play Elton in the forthcoming movie Rocketman. Elton guest starred in the last Kingsman film as a foul mouthed hostage of the main villain. Meanwhile, Rami Malek is starring as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody out at Christmas.
    The Simpsons has already described GG as a gay comedy with the men being played by women. - Ian

    1. Ooh that Elton can throw a tantrum when he wants. I saw him turn up in some TV drama where he was all decked out in sequins and feathers just like he used to in the 70's at The Hollywood Bowl.

      Are you off to Japan any day now. We might have to shut down for a while without you here as the comments are drying up.