Saturday, 5 May 2018


Here's a familiar face that I first posted up a couple of years ago.
His name is Nolan Gross from Southern California.
I remember him being a standout face in an editorial for
Fantastics Magazine HERE although he had much shorter
hair back then. He does seem to have matured quickly.

As well as being a new young up and coming actor, he does
as we can see occasionally dabble in a bit of modelling.
To catch up with all the goings on in his busy life then
go to his online pages below.



  1. Why is it that at a certain age, teenage boys suddenly have no idea how to manage their hair? Even he admits, in one of his facebook images, he looks like a dork. This must be Dork Mark 2. Never mind, enjoy it while you've still got it. - Ian

  2. Ian, I quite like the longer hair. It always adds just a touch of femininity to a boy.
    And in his case the longer hair actually does him a favour as he does have rather unique
    almost alien like pointed out ears as you will see in that 'Fantastics' editorial link.
    He definitely looks a lot more boyish there in those older pictures.

  3. Looks like Cilla Black in the 60s. - Ian