Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Seeing Red

Here's a clever little film that comes straight out of Venezuela and was
directed by Carlos Alejandro Molina. In fact it was released as his first
Student film . It was actually made in 2012 but wasn't released until
The lead role features teenager Noel Deivi Duarte who was involved in
several other short films around that time. And it was shortly after that
he moved to Colombia to seek his fortune as well as some more ambitious
acting roles.
He more recently went on to star in the lead role of 'Mariposas Verdes'
in which he plays a bullied gay student.

In Red, Noel as the teenager decides to meet up with the man he has
been flirting with online. And both of them must wear a red shirt each so
as to recognize each other.
The big surprise comes when we actually get to see exactly who he
eventually meets up with after a quite intense build up.
Above and below: Noel Deivi in the
Scout drama 'El Prisionero' (2012)

Watch it HERE at Vimeo.


  1. Most video's I watch end the way this one starts ;)

  2. Neil, And of course the start was your
    favourite part.

  3. Took me a couple of days to find the time to watch this. Major embarrassment at the end. Now what, we wonder? - Ian
    PS I'm happy to prove I'm not a robot when I post this. A robot couldn't appreciate the short, nor Minh Nguyen above, and never will.

  4. Ian, But worth the time I think with a clever outcome.

    Yes, Google as always being difficult. There was a major investigation show tonight
    on tv claiming that the big companies like google have been gathering up lots of personal
    information on each and everyone of us that chooses to use them, starting from everything
    we've ever searched for online.

  5. I've booked a tour to the Mt Fuji area and for the past few weeks, just about every page I visit on the web offers me ads on other tours and accommodation in Japan. Except your page. And now when I visit a favourite move info page and play a trailer, a small ad for something runs in the bottom right hand corner. Can't turn it off And how many time have I sat to watch a subtitled Korean show or movie only to have a tiny ad appear blocking the subtitles til I switch it off.. Complete madness. - Ian

  6. Ian, I think the b/f will enjoy Mt Fuji. You did say how he loved mountains.
    I wonder if the cherry blossom is still up. Hoping you might get some good
    I wonder if you'll try out one of those Japanese gay host bars! I saw a fun
    youtube video where the cute twinky bar boys actually act out a kissing scenario
    for the paying customer... like they're acting out a little play. Must try and find
    that video.

    Oh that is the worst thing when adverts block up the subtitles. I wonder if you can
    combat that by shrinking or enlarging the screen size settings like I do for that blog